10 Apps For Business Owners In 2019

As big fans of getting the most out of technology to help businesses run smoother, we wanted to reveal our top 10 apps for business owners in 2019!

How many do you already use? Which ones are you interested in trying out?

Find out below.

1. Xero

It’s the first on our list for a reason – it’s our accounting software of choice!

The fact that you can have all of your business’ financial information on an app is still incredible to us.

As MTD quickly approaches, it’s best to get started right away!

2. Receipt Bank

Another honorary shout-out for every business owner is Receipt Bank.

Take photos of your receipts and watch as the app learns to read the information and put it straight into your accounting software.

Until you download this app, you’ll never understand how easy expenses can be!

3. Slack

Slack is like Facebook for work. It has a lovely layout with simple and easy to use chat functions that allow for insanely quick and clear communications between colleagues about how projects or tasks are progressing.

So if you’re on the lookout for a great way of communicating with your team, in something that isn’t emails – go to Slack!

4. Lastpass

Lastpass is a password storage system, and a brilliantly secure one at that!

It’s designed for personal use, or for businesses and uses vaults to store all of your passwords and ensure that you choose ones that are as secure as can be.

Once this is done, Lastpass will remember the password for you! In a world of online data breaches, Lastpass claims to be the answer.

5. 15Five

This is an exciting one!

One of the most important parts of a business are the people who work for it.

15Five is a way of keeping in touch with how your employees are feeling and performing, to ensure you’re getting the most out of every individual.

From weekly check ins, to high fives, to 1to1 meetings: you’ll have a detailed overview of everyone who works for you. Even better if your staff are spread out across offices.

6. Lightroom

Step up your social media images by editing them on Adobe’s incredible Lightroom App.

It will help you stand out and you’ll immediately see the improvements to your photos.

7. Grammarly Keyboard

If you’ve ever been on Youtube, you’ll have seen an add for Grammarly.

Now they’ve released an app for your phones keyboard, so when you’re sending emails from your phone to customers or clients you’ll be able to make sure you’re free of mistakes.

8. Zoom

From experience, Zoom is a bit like Skype but feels way more trustworthy.

With HD Video, and up to 1000 users in a meeting, you’re given so much flexibility – recording, scheduled meetings, screen sharing and secure meetings which require an individual link to access.

9. Monzo

Some of our team have used Monzo for a while… and love it!

The focus is personal current accounts, but it’s banking done brilliantly. With a great user interface and tons of ways to track your spending and saving via the app, Monzo really is the future of banking.

The reason why it’s on this list is because at the end of last year, Monzo announced that they are planning to release business current accounts this year! We’ll take one!

10. Tasks

Tasks is a simple app that helps you get the job done. The process is simple: create lists, add tasks to them and finally set the urgency of the task.

It’s simple, colourful interface makes everything super easy to use. It’s worth downloading if you want to get on top of your tasks, particularly the smaller ones.

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