10 New Year’s Resolutions For Business Owners In 2019

The new year is a great time for people to make resolutions about how they want to improve themselves in the new year.

Whether that’s kicking bad habits, taking up new ones, or just improving on something you already do.

We believe business owners should do the same when it comes to their own business.

So below are 10 new year’s resolutions for business owners, that maybe you could use for your own business venture:

1. Be Accountable When It Comes To Your Goals

Many of us have dreams and aspirations for our business in 2019, but these goals can often never fully materialise as the year goes on.

However, studies show that achieving your business goals hits a massive 95% success rate if you have ongoing meetings with someone to check on their progress.

So this year, make the resolution to choose someone who you can be accountable with when it comes to setting and meeting your business goals.

2. Help Those Who Are Starting From Scratch

Even the most veteran of business owners can easily recall the early days of their business venture.

Feelings of excitement and nervousness, that battle from one day to the next. In your business walk now, it’s inevitable that you’ll come across some new, aspiring business owners and 2019 could be the year when you help those who are starting from scratch?

Maybe that’s mentoring, or just being a sound board for them – being there for someone will help them navigate their way around being a brand new business owner.

Your generosity will be infectious and show you to be somebody that people want to work with.

3. Strike The Work / Life Balance

Set a high goal and strike the work/life balance in 2019!

Whether that’s getting some exercise, or prioritising time with those you love ensure that you’re spending time away from the work aspects of your business.

4. Manage Your Cashflow Better

Cashflow is a stumbling block for many business owners, but once you get it right, real-time and up to date you’ll be able to make some incredible business decisions that will drive your business forward.

All of our clients are put straight onto Xero, a cloud accounting app that will produce your real-time cashflow once all of your financial information is processed.

This can help business owners visually see where their business is heading, providing they diligently keep track of their records as they go along.

This will help you to know how much much you can invest back into your business and lead to stable decisions that will encourage growth.

5. Start On Social Media

Still not on social media with your business? Have a dead account that you never update?

Bring your business onto social media in 2019 and begin talking to your customers!

Keep your customers updated, informed and educated in every way you can – by talking to your customers often, you show that you care.

As time goes on, more and more of the younger generation who are used to hearing from brands and businesses all the time via social media will be expecting your business to be active on social media – and if you’re not, they’ll probably go somewhere else.

6. Improve Your Business Where It’s Needed

That cable you keep tripping over, the printer that never seems to work properly, that piece of equipment which causes more problems that it’s worth.

Make the decision to improve your systems, equipment or staff this year. Invest in your business and enjoy a lighter, more enjoyable working day.

It’ll be so worth you time!

7. Make Sure Your Website Is Something You’re Proud Of

It’s nearly 2020! There’s no excuse for an old website design, or even worse, not having a website at all.

Ensure it’s pleasing on the eye, and a great first impression for many potential customers. Pack it full of helpful information, blogs and video content to help you stand out from the crowd.

8. Switch To Cloud Accounting

With the ongoing introduction of Making Tax Digital in the UK, businesses are now required to submit their accounts using approved cloud accounting software.

This means that cloud accounting software is being adopted more and more.

We use, and put all of our clients on, Xero – which provides so much useful information about your financials and streamlines all of the information into one easy place with a whole host of reports.

Speak to us if you’re interested, we have clients from all over!

9. Be The Business Owner You Want To Be

The weight of expectation of running a business can often cause owners to make decisions that they wouldn’t want to make if they truly thought about it.

All of the hard work, and dedication that they pour into the business can sometimes cloud decision making and make them come off as a type of business owner that they never set out to be.

Has that been you in the past year?

If so, try this year to remember what you want your business to look like, and the sort of business owner you want to be, ensuring you end the year with no regrets on the way you’ve ran your business.

10. Create A ‘To-Don’t List’!

To-don’t lists are the opposite of to-do lists.

You should fill it with all of the tasks you’re doing, that you really shouldn’t be spending your precious time undertaking.

This year create a list of these things and either delegate the tasks or cut them altogether.

Aim to keep them at a distance for the remainder of the year to make your role more specific and your workflow more efficient.

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