10 Of The Best Black Friday Deals For Business Owners

Last week we wrote a blog explaining just how important it is that business owners take advantage of Black Friday!

Whether it’s stockpiling supplies or upgrading to much needed tech – there will probably be a deal on this list that will help you save some money for your business!

So, without further adieu: here are 10 of the best Black Friday deals we have found for business owners:

1. Moss Bros – 20% off of everything

If you need formal wear in your business, Moss Bros is probably as good as it gets.

They’re offering a big 20% discount off of everything on their website, as well as further reductions on specific products.

Check out the deal here.

2. Google Pixelbook – Save £300!

Google have recently released their Pixelbook – a small laptop with a 12 inch display, put it packs a massive punch!

The screen can fold to become a tablet, or a useful note taking machine with the smart responsive pen included!

It feature apps, just like your phone and is available at £699: that’s a £300 discount!

Check out the deal here.

3. Galaxy S9 – Huge Data Deal!

Vodafone are offering Samsung’s latest model (the Galaxy S9) for £38 per month with a small £29 upfront cost.

The deal? Global Roaming, unlimited texts and calls + a massive 100GB of data!

Check out the deal here.

4. Sony Noise Cancelling Headphones – Save £199!

Amazon are offering these noise cancelling Sony headphones for £199.

They’ve been discounted by £131, which is a big deal considering that the noise cancellation technology is incredible!

These headphones will help you focus on your work when you’re out and about or travelling on public transport. If you tap the headset, you’ll also be able to hear everything around you without even taking them off – what a feature!

Check out the deal here.

5. Nespresso Machine – £99 + 120 free pods!

Everyone could do with a personal coffee machine!

Nespresso are offering their Vertuo coffee machine at almost half price: £99.

What’s more is they will throw in 120 coffee pods… which if you’re anything like us will get you through about a week.

Check out the deal here.

6. Fitbit Charge 2 – £30 off!

There comes a time in most business owners lives when they realise they spend most of their days sitting down.

Argos are offering the Fitbit charge for any business owner who is seeking to improve their fitness (we all will come January).

It’s priced at £79.99 which is a £30 discount. If you want to know how good it is, take a look at the reviews: 5/5 stars with over 5000 reviews left!

Check out the deal here.

7. Virgin Media Business Broadband

Boasting the ‘Uk’s fastest widely available download speeds’, Virgin media are offering 3 months free on their business broadband package – saving you £96 on their cheapest package.

Check out the deal here.

8. Pixel 3 – Huge Data Deal!

So the S9 doesn’t take your fancy? What about the Pixel 3 released less than a month ago!

It’s a similar deal: £29.99 upfront cost, £36 per month with all of the same perks (global roaming, unlimited calls and texts + 100gb of data)!

Check out the deal here.

9. Travelodge Black Friday Discounts

Business owners are often out and about, so it’s worth a mention – even if it is extremely specific.

Travelodge are offering 15% off 1 night bookings, 25% off 2 nights, and 35% off 3 night bookings.

The trip must be taken between 13th December and the 30th of January. It’s a small window, but might be perfect for you!

Check out the deal here.

10. Amazon Echo – £35 off!

It wouldn’t be a Black Friday list without an Amazon own product!

The echo speaker sounds great, and is a useful tool when you’re trying to find out information while you work!

You can also pay in monthly instalments, which might be of benefit!

Check out the deal here.

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