3 Business Ideas For Anyone Whose Job Is At Risk

Figures for redundancy and unemployment are rising across the UK.

Statistics show that 600,000 workers were removed from payroll during the coronavirus crisis, and that figure is set to keep rising.

With many workers facing unemployment, getting a new job won’t be so easy. With large competition, and businesses hit hard financially, many are looking at this as an opportunity to start their own small business.

Here are 3 business ideas that you could start as the country emerges from lockdown.

Digital Marketer

As businesses cut back costs on staff, they will also be looking to increase their income once more.

Digital marketing has long been a tool that some businesses have been afraid to explore.

The uncertainty of how digital advertising works, and whether it’s effective, can play on the mind of owners who have never approached this type of marketing before.

However, due to the lockdown many of these businesses have started to get a taste for having an online presence.

That means that freelance digital marketers might be the solution to keep the online momentum going, and to bring in new sources of income to cash strapped businesses.

Online Teacher

One of the biggest impacts to coronavirus has been the closing of schools.

Young people across the country haven’t received the type of input that they normally would have received had they been in school. This will be particularly true for students set to take exams.

It seems logical that more parents will reach out for extra tuition through online teaching.

Other forms of teaching might not able to take place in a safe, and socially distant way.

Therefore roles like personal trainers, music teachers, gym coaches, yoga instructors are all ones that could be in high demand as they are delivered online.


As summer hits full swing, lots of people will have been working hard on home improvements during the lockdown period.

However, those that are vulnerable, and need help, will always be looking for local gardeners to come and make tidy their gardens on a regular basis.

Word of mouth will likely get you a few gardening jobs in the same area, and this could be a great filler until businesses get back on their feet and start hiring.

To get started all you will need are some tools to get the job done!

Of course, all of these roles don’t have to be long term commitments. You might prefer to see them as opportunities to keep your head afloat and your finances in check.

Who knows, it’s sometimes out of these scenarios where people find a new calling – as the new business grows in ways that you never expected.


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