3 Business Tips We Can All Learn From Elon Musk

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  • In 2008 Elon became the CEO of Tesla, Inc. Tesla create electric powered cars, that are affordable to the general public. Their cars are famous for their Enhanced Autopilot features, such as: Auto Lane Change and Automatic Emergency Braking.
  • In 2016 Tesla bought a company called Solar City (A company Elon encouraged his cousins to set up in 2006). It’s purpose is to combat climate change. Their ambitious and innovative ideas have garnered interest worldwide.
  • One of Elon’s most recent ideas is Hyperloop: a mode of transport, similar to that of vacuum tubes for passenger and freight transportation, with the hope that one day it could be used to help clear congestion in cities like Los Angeles.
  • Musk created OpenAI a not-for-profit artifical intelligence research company, to ensure that AI is being developed in a way that is safe and beneficial to humanity.

3 Business Tips We Can All Learn From Elon Musk

Elon Musk has never settled for mediocrity in his business ventures.

Years ago when people were in awe at the sports cars being created, and fuel cost were under £1 per litre – Elon Musk was waiting in the wings, planning something else…

It was his revolutionary thinking that made him look at ways of improving everything about the car industry, from the fuel they used, to the way they looked. To this day, Elon is creating beautiful electric cars that perform better than the petrol and diesel cars that saturate the market.

When other companies were developing electric cars to merely combat carbon emissions, Elon sought to create a new machine that would wipe the floor with it’s soon-to-be pre-deccesors. He’d make it affordable and he’d make it attractive to consumers.

Revolutionary thinking in business can be as simple as looking at the current landscape of your sector and thinking – what’s missing? What could be introduced to make this so much better.

Think ahead and see keep trying to discover ways to improve your field of work and eventually your revolutionary thinking will pay off.

First Tip: Think In A Revolutionary Way

Watch a Tesla presentation on Youtube – How about this one with the unveiling of their auto-pilot semi trucks – and watch Elon.

As a presenter, he’s pretty poor – he stumbles over his words, he isn’t clear or concise.

We’re told that what matters most is presentation – look the part or you’ll fail – but Elon proves this simply isn’t true.

When he stands up to give one of these presentations what stands before you is a man who loves cars, he loves the business he’s created, and he loves that it is changing the world for the better.

He is authentic, he knows his stuff, and he cares. That’s what gets you a following.

As business owners we should take a leaf out of Elon’s book – passion and knowledge win people over. Customers see that sparkle in your eye and they want a piece of it, they want to be part of the journey.

Elon has built trust because of who he is on and off stage, and believe it or not – it goes a long way in securing people’s positive opinions of him.

Try and work in this passion and knowledge you have about your chosen profession, and use it to gather a following of people who want to join you on your journey.

Second Tip: Passion & Knowledge Matter Most

Think of all of Elon’s business ventures:

Auto-driving cars, solar panel roofs, clearing congestion in cities, developing Artificial Intelligence safely. The biggest business principle he has is to help others.

Elon’s systematically calculated different ways in which he can help better people’s lives and has sought to develop these ideas in such a way, that the end result is not just aesthetically pleasing, but cost effective.

This principle to help others has gained him a massive following, and a reputation that if Elon’s involved – it must be good and forward thinking.

How can you put your customers happiness at the centre if your business? This outward looking view that can be so hard to maintain while running a small business, but Elon has showed us that it’s massively linked to success.

Always try to help better the lives of your target audience and customers, and you’ll forever be putting smiles on their faces.

Third Tip: Always Try To Help Your Target Audience

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