3 Business Tips We Can All Learn From Jordan Peterson

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Things you’ll need to know:

  • Jordan Peterson is a clinical psychologist and a University Professor. He also offers some lectures and advice online for free on Youtube.
  • In the past he has been involved in lots of debates surrounding gender, pronouns, and the wage gap. His most famous appearance was on Channel 4 in an interview with Cathy Newman.
  • He is the author of the New York Times Bestseller: 12 Truths For Life.

3 Business Tips We Can All Learn From Jordan Peterson

1. Shared Knowledge Leads To Exposure

Whatever your opinion is of Jordan Peterson: he is an extremely knowledgeable person.

His workplace credentials are elite: he’s a clinical psychologist and professor of psychology at the University of Toronto. He’s also previously taught at Harvard.

His portfolio of Youtube lectures have been viewed over 89 million times and he is clearly passionate about providing as much of this content on the internet absolutely free of charge.

Jordan Peterson’s wealth of knowledge, and generosity in sharing it with whoever is willing to consume, has been one of the reasons why he is so well known.

Business owners can learn a lot from Jordan Peterson in this aspect.

You as a business owner are knowledgeable in your field of expertise, and your customers rely on you to know what you’re talking about. They trust your product, service and opinion.

Therefore, seek to actively expand your knowledge of your industry, and be generous in sharing this knowledge with whoever wants to listen.

This will be key factor in helping you to gain a reputation and a following.

First Tip: Expand Your Industry Knowledge & Share It Generously

2) Being Opinionated Will Create Lovers & Haters

Speaking out on subjects that matter will do two things: create lovers and create haters.

Jordan Peterson talks about things that really matter in society today and pulls no punches.

This is what gains him loyal followers, however, his divisive opinions have created a huge amount of backlash against him.

Businesses often suffer from silent syndrome. They don’t want to rock the boat, and therefore just get on with what they do and have no vocal presence online.

However, it’s evident that today people flock to individuals and companies that believe firmly in their opinions and goals and communicate them at all costs.

Ask yourself the question: how much do you want to rock the boat in the way that you communicate about your industry?

Tip 2: Communicate Your Business’ Beliefs On Topics That Matter

3) Empower People

Despite a reputation for purposefully creating division, it’s clear to see what Jordan Peterson is particularly passionate about: Empowering people.

His target audience is particularly young men, and in multiple interviews and lectures he’s brought himself to tears talking about the hopelessness, and inadequacies that young men feel.

What are you passionate about as a business owner? Does this passion matter to others? How do you show this passion in the way that you run your business?

These questions are key in determining what sort of business you want to run, and the impact you want to have on people.

Tip 3: Empower Your Target Audience And They Will Value You

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