3 Business Tips We Can All Learn From Conor McGregor

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In no way does this post intend to endorse or encourage any business owners among us to become living, breathing Conor McGregor imitators.

I solely reject any responsibility towards our Managing Director David, coming into the office one day wearing an all white Gucci Mink coat.

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Before Reading This Post

  • In 2013 Conor McGregor was collecting welfare cheques. He was a young, proven mixed martial artist in Ireland that had earned the opportunity to fight on the big stage of the UFC.
  • He won his first fight, making history by becoming the first Irishman to win a UFC fight.  That night he received a $60,000 bonus on top of his pay, just days after collecting his last welfare cheque.
  • After dominating the sport in just 3 short years he made history again by becoming the first ever two-division champion.
  • In 2017 he crossed promotions and fought and lost his first boxing match against the legendary Floyd Mayweather – earning at least $70 million dollars from that single fight.

3 Things All Business Owners Could Learn From Conor McGregor


Conor Mcgregor’s business plan has always been simple. Do something you love and do it better than everyone else.

That’s true of him whether he’s in Las Vegas fighting in front of millions of people around the world – or whether he’s in a dingy Dublin warehouse fighting in front of three friends.

Conor is passionate about what he does and strives to maximise his minutes by working hard to improve and excel in any area necessary – the same principles are foundational for small business owners.

If he hadn’t been excellent locally when very few were watching, he’d never have made it to the point where millions of people firmly locked their eyes on him for the biggest fight in combat sports history.

From those empty Dublin warehouses the Irish began to whisper – ‘Have you seen this Conor McGregor kid?’ and as he took his opportunities along the way, his following grew more and more – because he kept on delivering.

Tip 1: Work Hard In Your Small Business Locally To Develop a Strong Following

If you’ve ever watched a Conor McGregor interview or one of his pre-match press conferences – you’ll know that the man oozes confidence.

He earned the nickname Mystic Mac by boldly predicting how and when his fights would end – trash talking his competition into the ground and developing a cult-like fan base that hung onto every word he spoke.

‘We’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over’ – Conor McGregor

Now, I’ll let you cast your own judgement about how much confidence you should exude when it comes to presenting yourself and your business… Conor’s target audience are Irish men who love fighting talk – but they’ll be many people who find his antics unprofessional and childish.

Remember, anyone from your city can claim to be the best painter in town – but how are you clearly showing that you talk the talk, walk the walk? The key is to smash every expectation set before you – all while generating as much interest and excitement about your business and it’s services.

Conor’s found the hotspot – if you upsell in the right way, to the right target audience – those people will talk and you’ll have more eyes on your business, which means more opportunities.

Tip 2: The Sky’s The Limit When You Upsell & Get Referrals Through Excellence

How has Conor become so successful on such a massive scale?

With dedicated hard work, the right type of upsell and an audience who love to refer your business, you’ll find that any business will naturally push forward. But how do you take that next step?

As things get busier people work to the tune of the businesses demands…  they work when and where the business needs them… not Conor McGregor. He chooses to step out of his comfort zone, rather than let his comfort zone dictate his decisions.

Here’s the key – Conor first sets himself incredibly high targets, publicly announces them, which then forces him to be accountable to those targets.

Conor then has to work harder than ever to smash those expectations & targets, so he surrounds himself with a team of people he trusts that get the best out of him, because they’re brilliant at what they do.

Once interest is high he capitalises on his popularity by delivering more to the people who already love him: A fashion line, Irish whiskey, behind the scene videos of his training.

Once introudced to him, you can’t help but be submerged into the world of Conor McGregor – and that’s his goal.

When asked by interviewers, ‘How have you become so successful?’ – his response is always ‘obsession’:

“I am not talented, I don’t believe in talent.

I believe in hard work. I believe that we are all equals, capable of anything in life.

No, I am not talented, I am obsessed.” – Conor McGregor

Conor visualises his goals with pinpoint precision, announces those goals to anyone who will listen, then obsesses over achieving them until they become a reality. He works hard, talks the talk and puts pressure on himself to walk the walk.

Tip 3: Set High Goals & Make Achieving Them Your Obsession

Every Conor McGregor Needs A Dana White

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