3 Things Every Business Owner Can Learn From Tyson Fury

Before reading this post:

  • As of this writing, Tyson Fury is an undefeated British Boxer who is a former World Heavyweight Champion.
  • At the height of his career he was forced to relinquish his championships due to being banned for 2 years after testing positive for banned substances.
  • In 2018 this ban was overturned and now Tyson Fury has worked hard to get himself back to the top of the mountain.

3 Things Every Business Owner Can Learn From Tyson Fury


1. People Fall In Love With Personalities

Boxing is very similar to business. Not that both are ready to go 12 rounds… but that there are lots of boxers that just aren’t very well known, even at the highest level.

Businesses are the same. In your local vicinity there will be hundreds of businesses – that don’t bother to distinguish themselves from each other.

Tyson Fury however exudes his own personality and this makes him stand out from the crowd – it makes him instantly popular because he does things and says things that other boxers don’t. This also means – he sells fights and makes big money.

What Business Owners Can Learn:

Business owners can learn from his example and not just exist as an entity in your local area – but to be a personality that people can know, love and relate to.

This will help extend your exposure and increase sales.

2. Make Yourself A Better Person

In 2016 Tyson Fury was banned from boxing after being positively tested for a banned substance. He was forced to relinquish his world titles at the height of his boxing career.

This ban was overturned 2 years later, after Fury had appealed, but by that point Fury had completely given up on his shape and had been out of the ring for a long time.

However, Fury was committed to get back in the ring and lost an incredible 10lbs in one year and is set to fight for Deontay Wilder for the WBC Heavyweight Title on December 1st.

Of course, Tyson Fury needs to look after himself when competing in a physical profession such a boxing. However, when running a business the same applies.

What Business Owners Can Learn:

Stress, finances and a lack of heart can weigh you down as a person and that will impact your business. Always focus on looking after yourself and bettering yourself first – that positive effect on yourself will rub off on your businesses profession.

3. Remember The Impact You Can Have On The World

Despite having a larger than life personality, his huge success and controversial character: Fury realises that he has more to offer than just building his own brand.

Fury has other passions outside of the ring, such as supporting Mental Health charities, something he himself struggles with.

He has also this week committed to funding money towards homelessness in the UK from his fight purse against Deontay Wilder.

What Business Owners Can Learn:

Running a business can take our eyes off of the impact we can have elsewhere. It’s really easy to focus on the business in front of you, but it’s important to remember there are many ways you can help support someone in the position you are in.

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