3 Things We Can All Learn From Anthony Joshua

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  • Anthony Joshua began boxing in 2007 at the age of 18, and in 2011 he secured a place in the 2012 Olympic games for Great Britain.
  • Although seen as a newcomer in the 2012 Olympic games, Joshua won the gold medal in the Super Heavyweight category for boxing.
  • Since then, he has gained massive mainstream attention, winning multiple world championships, and is regarded as one of the most prized British fighters in recent years.

3 Things We Can All Learn From Anthony Joshua

It’s easy to look at a successful mainstream figure like Anthony Joshua and think that success has come easily and naturally for him. However, that’s not been the case – his situation has not always been sunshine, daisies and world championship belts.

In 2009, not long after he began boxing – Anthony Joshua was put on remand in Reading prison for “fighting and other crazy stuff”.

He was released and made to wear an electronic tag on his ankle. He also had a run in with the police, in 2011, regarding class B drugs and the intention to sell.

But after cleaning up his image and getting his life back on track – he’s managed to turn his dire situation around and become a household name for all the right reasons.

Through hard work, commitment and dedication he has turned around his situation, and it has been the making of him

How can we apply this?

It’s worth bearing this turnaround of events in mind when reflecting on your own business – there is no situation that is impossible to turn around and Anthony Joshua’s career is a great reminder of this.

Keep going and remain focused on your goals – even if your present situation isn’t where you want to be.

First Tip: It’s Possible To Turn Any Situation Around

In a weight category that is renowned for big personalities and hard hitting monsters, Anthony Joshua stands out from the crowd due to his incredible physical shape and intelligence.

It isn’t uncommon for heavyweight boxers to be in the industry due to their natural size and ability to hit with tremendous power – however when it comes to Anthony Joshua, he’s regarded by many, as a professional in every sense of the word.

Whether it’s his incredible training regime, or his squeaky clean persona that exudes professionalism and confidence – he’s well thought of by a large percentage of people.

How Can We Apply This?

Being a business owner that goes above and beyond in cementing yourself as a thorough professional will make your stand out among the rest.

There are too many business owners that don’t take this aspect of the role seriously enough, and so you have a massive opportunity to capitalise on this.

Your customers will respect you more, and therefore be more likely to buy from you again if your image is clean and you are known for proffesionalism.

Second Tip: Earn A Squeaky Clean Image

One of the main reasons why Anthony Joshua has such a massive reputation, is that he has so many credentials to his name.

From Heavyweight titles, to gold medals, and an incredible win-loss ratio – all of these things just add to his incredible portfolio of achievements as he continually strives for more.

It means that it’s his face on billboards, his name discussed around the dinner table and his back pocket where the pay-checks land.

How Can We Apply This?

This tip is so important for business owners to learn from: build your credentials!

Whether it’s showcasing clients and customers that you are proud of, or applying for different awards in your local area – all of these add up as impressive credentials for people who do not buy from your business yet.

Seek to qualify yourself, or your employees as much as possible – and always looks for ways to build an impressive portfolio of work that will add to your reputation and put you above the rest of the competition.

Third Tip: Find Ways To Build Your Credentials

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