3 Things We Can All Learn From Gareth Southgate

Things You Need To Know About Gareth Southgate

  • Gareth Southgate was appointed England Manager in 2016, amid much scepticism about how he would perform in the role.
  • Southgate managed England to the 2018 World Cup Semi-Finals, the furthest they have been since 1990.
  • He himself is a former England player, who missed a penalty in the 1996 Euro semi-final, which saw England lose to Germany.

3 Things We Can All Learn From Gareth Southgate


1. Believe In Your Team To Get The Most Out Of Them

When Southgate was announced as the England Manager in 2016 the country groaned with disappointment.

The Golden generation had officially ended, Rooney was excluded from Southgate’s plans, and he opted to use players from the Under 21 squad that he knew well.

The team looked weak, the manager looked weak, and England had hit rock bottom when it came to performances. The country groaned with disappointment again.

However, Southgate believed in his boys every step of the way, when nobody else did. This was key.

As the fans expectations lowered, Southgate encouraged his team of young lions ‘to make their own history’. He believed in them when nobody else did, and that produced fantastic results this World Cup.

How can you apply this to your business?

That’s what makes Southgate a brilliant manager and leader and is something we all could learn from him: believe in your team.

He has worked out how to get the most out of each individual, has believed in them personally, and put them into a position where they can express themselves.

The best leaders will try to apply this principle to their business model.

2. A Consistent Media Presence Creates Confidence

If you’ve seen any of Gareth Southgate’s interviews during the World Cup, you’ll have been blown away by at his composure in handling questions and his clarity when giving well thought out and encouraging answers.

He has consistently and clearly outlined his goals and visions and people have fallen for him!

His performances on camera were just as valuable as his tactics on the pitch, and it meant that whether you were a big football fan or a part-time world cup football fan, you had tons of respect for the man.

How many times did we hear him say: ‘I hope the fans back home enjoyed what they saw tonight’

These interviews were unwavering, win or a lose, and all it did was create more and more confidence from fans that he was the right man for the job!

How can you apply this to your business?

That’s what makes Southgate great in the media:

He wears his heart on his sleeve, believes the words he speaks and consistently explains them in clear thought out ways that connect with his audience.

This consistent media presence creates confidence and can easily be applied to your business on social media, or customer service.

3. It’s Okay To Dare To Dream

When this England team entered the 2018 World Cup, the aim was to get out of the group stages. Which they did…

The next step was winning in the last 16 and qualifying for the quarter-finals, something nobody imagined. They did that too…

Before too long, Gareth Southgate’s England team found themselves in the semi-finals of the world cup. They hadn’t been there since 1990 (I wasn’t even alive then!).

They had not only reached incredible heights, but they had the whole nation in love with the England National team again. There was no bitterness, only dreams of football coming home, and love for the young lions.

How can you apply this to your business?

That’s what Southgate has taught us all. It’s okay to dare to dream. Football isn’t coming home, but one day, it just might. There is now a nation looking forward to the next International tournament with excitement and hope, and that is brilliant.

That’s what Southgate has taught us all. It’s okay to dare to dream.

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