3 Things We Can All Learn From The Royal Wedding

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  • Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married on the 19th May 2018.
  • Meghan Markle is a famous American actress and has married into the Royal Family. They are both now known as the Duke & Dutchess of Sussex.
  • The BBC & ITV have reported that the Royal wedding received a combined viewership of 11 million.

3 Things We Can All Learn From The Royal Wedding


1. People Love To Love

Businesses can be so obsessed with their quality of service, the product they are offering or their wealth of experience. All of these things are great, however, the Royal Wedding shows us that your customers don’t connect solely with evidence like this.

People love to love!

Millions tuned in to watch Harry & Meghan say their vows and tie the knot. People love to feel emotions and if you apply this principle to the way you present your business you will find a deeper level of success.

Think about how you feel about your business and the passion you have for what you do. If you portray these things to your customers, they will relate to your business on a deeper level.

2. You Can’t Please Everyone


Amongst all of the excitement surrounding the Royal Wedding, you will have noticed that some people didn’t support the cause.

We’re not about to weigh in on the claims that the Royal Wedding was a waste of taxpayers money. Nor are we chiming in on the negativity towards the royal family, or opinions about Meghan’s dress…

No, the lesson for business owners to learn is this: you can never please everyone.

There will always be people who don’t agree with the way your business does things… and that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but likewise, you’re entitled to create the business you want to create.

Focus on pleasing those who appreciate and value what your business does, whilst being open to constructive criticism.

3. Make People Say ‘Wow!’

Everyone who watched the Royal Wedding thought… ‘Wow!’.

From start to finish, the nation was mesmerized by all that happened. Whether it was the ornate church building, the outfits or the procession carriage that Harry & Meghan departed in.

This is something that business owners should strive to do. Make your customers say ‘Wow!’.

We don’t mean on the Royal Wedding scale, but how can you make your customers say  ‘Wow!’ when they engage with your company.

Going above and beyond your customer’s expectations is something that will stay in their memory. Nobody will forget the Royal Wedding anytime soon… so how can you ensure that your customers feel similarly to your business.

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