3 Tips To Switch Off Over Christmas Break

1. Remind Yourself That Everyone Needs A Break

The only way you’ll take holidays seriously, is by reminding yourself of how valuable they are.

It can be tempting to believe that working non-stop will give you an edge over the competition, or foster hard work and determination in your character – but in reality, it’ll just wear you down.

If you don’t believe in taking breaks, you’ll either be overworking and drop the ball at some point, or work yourself into the ground and be forced to take a long break without warning.

Remind yourself that holidays exist for a reason: they refresh you physically, mentally and emotionally. Taking a break will give you more energy, more capacity and more passion for your business venture.

Remind yourself that everyone needs a break.

2. Step Away From Technology & Emails

Switching off means, stopping everything. Unfortunately, that includes your emails.

Emails are the biggest cause for business owners not taking time off.

They’re easy to access on your phone, they don’t feel like ‘work’, and you convince yourself that it’ll give you less to do when you get back.

But keeping track of your emails means that you’re in theory, always working. You’re never giving yourself that mental and emotional rest from your business.

If anything, keeping track of your emails is the most mentally and emotionally draining part of running a business – it’s the admin that prevents you from doing what you created your business to do.

So step away from technology and emails over the festive season and see the effect it will have on your mental, and emotional attitude towards your business.

3. Enjoy The Time With Friends & Family

The responsibilities of being a business owner often comes with the expense of having limited time to spend with your friends and family.

Therefore the holiday season is an important time to switch off, and enjoy the time you get with them.

The sacrifices they’ve made over the year warrant some time spent specifically with them.

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