4 Things You Might Not Know About Your Customers

1. Your Customers Want To Hear More From Your Business

With more businesses taking to Social Media to promote themselves: consumers have become accustomed to seeing them in their newsfeeds.

You might think that this just frustrates customers… and in a way, you’d be right.

Constant advertisements aren’t the answer to populating your businesses social media page, instead people want to interact with your business.

They want to learn from your knowledge about your chosen field.

Expert analysis, education and industry insight are all things that can add to your business’s image and engage customers: people want to glean all of the information they can from you!

2. Your Customers Will Very Rarely Vocalise Their Support

(And If They Do: They Think You’re Awesome!)

Are you unsure about how much your customers value your business?

Probably… and the reason is because you rarely get any feedback or positive comments!

Most people don’t have the time to leave reviews, or fill out feedback forms for your business – even if you offer an incentive.

This can leave you feeling like people don’t care, whereas – they do care – they just rarely vocalise their support for what you do.

Engagement Statistics

On a Youtube video, the average amount of people that will watch the video and then engage with it by leaving a comment or a like – is around 10%.

This means you could run a Youtube Podcast and get a consistent flow of 100 viewers, who tune in every podcast, but only 10 of them will leave a comment or a like – and express their support for what you’re doing.

Those who do vocalise their support though – are usually big fans, and it’s worth tapping into ways to get them to refer your business to others.

3. Your Customers Choose You Over Someone Else…

But Do You Know Why?

Every time a customer chooses to buy from your business: they are picking you over the rest of the competition. Have you ever thought of it in that way?

They’ve decided that there is something about your service, or product, that is better than the other options they’ve considered – But, do you know why?

That sort of information is key – it reveals the aspects of your business that you’re doing better than everyone else! Take time out to dig into the reasons why, and see how you can do more of that in your business.

4. Your Customers Want To Hear More About You!

This final point isn’t the same as the first!

It might sound similar… but it isn’t the same! Your customers want to hear more about you. Yes, you – the personal side of you.

Person to Person relationships are far more effective at building trust, and landing sales, compared to those that aren’t.

Not enough businesses take advantage of this – perhaps because it can be scary being the face of your own business. Most people prefer being behind a logo – but that’s why there’s an incredible opportunity for local businesses to begin making their customers feel more valued and connected.

After-all, that’s what they have going for them against the big high-street brands, who have very little sense of community and intimacy.

Customers of local businesses want access to individuals who create these local businesses, they want to know who you are, what you enjoy, how you spend your time, your personal life.

This then begins to transcends your local area – because social media is worldwide!

This will deepen your businesses relationships, and there is an incredible strength in that.

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