5 Of The Best Smartphones For Business Owners

iPhone X

Design & Build Quality

This model of the iPhone is, without a doubt, probably one of the best.

It looks and feels great, with a slim design with beautiful curved edges, it comes in smaller than other iPhone models – which has been generally one of the biggest reservations from people purchasing it.

Despite it’s smaller design, it’s glass back gives it a slippery feel which means it might fall out of your pocket from time to time depending on what you’re wearing – perhaps a deal breaker that will make some of you scroll onto the next phone.

Extra Features

The iPhone X is also water-resistant, so can be used in the rain.

Face ID is a great feature of the iPhone X, and Apple has chosen to go with this over fingerprint ID to give you more screen display. The face ID won’t be tricked by photos of you, as it requires a depth of field that can only be found in a real person’s face.


The 12 Megapixel camera on the Apple iPhone X is great: the colours will pop and look beautiful. It boasts 4K video and also records in super, slow motion: all great in letting you easily post great, on-the-go content to social media.

Business Owner Benefits

The biggest feature for business owners will be how the iPhone X hooks into all of your other Apple devices like the MacBook and apple watch, meaning that you can take calls, read messages and sync your devices up together.

There is though, no headphone jack on the iPhone X as Apple continues to push users towards their wireless Apple Airpods and use the space to gain a longer battery life.

Battery Life

The iPhone X boasts a strong battery life of 6 hours of screen on time.


The iPhone X is an expensive phone, costing you £800+ outright. If you’re on a contract, the lowest you can find on Moneysupermarket.com that has unlimited calls, texts and 4GB data is £47 per month.

Samsung S9

Design & Build Quality

The Samsung S9 is a big competitor to the previous iPhone X. It wins some battles but loses others.

The Samsung S9 has a similar glass back, which looks great but doesn’t feel as slippery. The screen has vibrant, bright colours that Samsung are known for and the display is sizeable.

The model is also available in the S9+ which is bigger, has more screen and a little bit more battery life – with 0.5 inches of difference between the two.

Extra Features

The battery life on the Samsung S9 is poor, to say the least, but because of it’s fast charging capabilities and wireless charging you can top your phone back up really quickly.

The fingerprint reader exists on the Samsung S9, positioned in the middle of the phone on the back which is an accessible place to put it. It reads great with just a quick sliding motion.

There is also a heart rate monitor and a blood pressure sensor as Samsung continues to focus on delivering capabilities that your Fitbit would have.


The Samsung S9 has a 12 Megapixel camera producing really sharp daylight photos. The camera also has the capability to change aperture in the evening, which means it will let more light into the camera in low-light or evening conditions.

These photos look great too! Meaning whether it’s night or day, indoor or outdoor, you can capture moments at any time and post them to your business social media accounts.

With 4K video and super slow motion recording, you’ll also get great results for video content too.

Business Owner Benefit

The security is great on the Samsung S9. It has fingerprint unlock, facial recognition and an Iris scanning… meaning unless it’s you, nobody is going to be able to find your phone and have access to your business files or cloud storage information.

The Samsung S9 auto intelligence will choose whether it uses face or iris unlock depending on the lighting conditions at that time, so the chance of failing to unlock your device is minimal.

Battery Life

Unfortunately, the battery life on the Samsung S9 will only get you around 4.5 hours of screen on time.

However, with fast charging taking as little as 30 minutes to top your phone up to 60% battery, if you’re near a plug socket it won’t take long to get you through the day.


The Samsung S9 comes in at cheaper than the iPhone X by quite a bit. You can buy it outright for around £450+ or find a contract on moneysupermarket.com with unlimited minutes, calls and 4GB of data for £28.

Huawei P20 Pro

Build Quality & Design

The Huawei brand is something that you will have either heard a lot about or know nothing about.

It comes in a variety of designs, including this beautiful blue, purple, twilight colour that will really make your phone stand out from the rest.

The colourful phone also has a massive 6.1 inch OLED display which means you’ll be able to see it outside no problem.

The Huawei P20 pro isn’t slippery, nor is it light, and has a great, solid feel to it.

Extra Features

Huawei has created the P20 pro as water resistant and it also has a fingerprint reader at the bottom of the phone on the front. Besides these two things, there’s nothing new that it boasts.

There is no expandable storage and no headphone jack, much like the iPhone X.


This is the Huawei P20 pro’s biggest feature though: the triple camera on the back!

It has a massive 40-megapixel camera which has a better overall performance than most of the phones on this list. With great colours, great detail and sharp photos you’ll definitely turn eyes and give a professional feel to your brand’s social media presence.

You can take photos really quickly, have snappy autofocus and zoom in up to 5x thanks to one of the ‘tele lenses’ on the back.

The video recording works best at 1080p, and while 4K is available it’s not that great which is a letdown considering the camera is so good.

Business Owner Benefits

The main thing that business owners will benefit from the Huawei P20 pro is its camera.

As explained above, the camera is really good and will definitely spice up your social media. The other thing the camera does is enable AI to identify what you’re taking a photo of.

Let’s say you want to take a picture of a plant, or your pet: the Huawei P20 pro will identify this object through your camera and put it into a specific mode (eg, green mode) to bring out certain qualities of that image. It works really well.

The other thing that Business owners will benefit from is the battery life…

Battery Life

The Huawei P20 pro also delivers 6+ hours of screen on time. It is by far the phone with the best battery life on this list, which is a big positive for many business owners, particularly those who are out and about.


The Huawei P20 pro will cost you £600+ outright. If you’re on a contract, the lowest you can find on Moneysupermarket.com that has unlimited calls, texts and 4GB data is £23 per month.

Google Pixel 2

Build Quality & Design

The Google Pixel 2 has a beautiful glass window at the top back of the device. It comes in a couple of variations and is a well-sized model.

The Pixel 2 XL is for those who prefer a larger phone. It has almost all of the same specifications but comes in 1 inch bigger.

Extra Features

With front-facing speakers, the Google Pixel 2 is great for watching videos or listening to music. The immersive experience is more than noticeable compared to other devices.

The Google Pixel 2 also has a ‘now playing feature’ which can listen to a song in the background, recognise it and suggest it to you.

It comes with fast charging and fast fingerprint recognition positioned on the back of the phone, right in the middle where it is accessible.

There is no headphone jack on the Google Pixel 2 but is water resistant.


The camera on the Google Pixel 2 is 12 megapixels and probably the best on this list. It’s auto features deliver near perfect sharpness, contrast, colour accuracy and autofocus. It really is as simple as point and shoot to get great photos.

With a quick shake of the device, you’ll be able to switch from rear-facing to the front-facing camera and the video is in cinematic 4K quality.

An added feature to the Google Pixel 2 is it’s AI, meaning you can view a picture you’ve taken and ask Google to recognise the image and bring up information about it.

For example, if you take a picture of the iPhone X, the Google Pixel 2 will recognise it and bring up relevant information from the internet about the object, item, or place.

Business Owner Benefits

Some business owners love to use Google assistant, and the Pixel 2 allows you to access it in a really easy, unique and innovative way.

By gently squeezing your phone you can activate your Google assistant which is a really handy feature.

You can change the squeeze sensitivity on the Google Pixel 2, to ensure you don’t accidentally switch Google Assistant on every time you pull your phone from your pocket.

Battery Life

The battery life on the Google Pixel 2 is impressive, with 6+ hours of screen on time. This is something that will separate it from its competitors and stand out to many buyers.


The Google Pixel 2 will cost you £500+ outright. If you’re on a contract, the lowest you can find on Moneysupermarket.com that has unlimited calls, texts and 4GB data is £30 per month.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Build Quality & Design

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is an older model than the others on this list. That being said it’s a sturdy model which is a combination of metal and glass.

Its box-like design puts it on the large side but offers an edge to edge display and a big bright resolution that is perfect for outdoor use.

Extra Features

There is a fingerprint sensor on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, but it’s positioned at the top right near the camera which isn’t very accessible. A more centralised fingerprint sensor would be preferred.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is extremely secure with it’s Iris scanner technology. It also has expandable storage, a headphone jack and it’s water resistant.


The 12 MP camera works brilliantly on the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 both indoor and outdoor. It produces great colours and will stabilise your images automatically.

The camera also allows you to adjust the blur in the background of your photo after the image has been taken, which adds professionalism to your shots.

It also has 4k video recording.

Business Owner Benefits

The S-Pen comes with the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 and is a must for the business owner who loves to take notes on the go.

Whether it’s note-taking or drawing – this phone is optimised for these types of users.

Battery Life

Taking into account the resolution of the phone, the headphone jack, and the space to store the S-Pen stylus in the phone means that the battery life is pretty poor.

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has only 4 hours of screen on time, however, you can adjust your resolution to a poorer quality to boost this.


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 will cost you £450+ outright. If you’re on a contract, the lowest you can find on Moneysupermarket.com that has unlimited calls, texts and 4GB data is £30 per month.

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