5 Things We Have Already Learnt From 2018

You can learn a lot in a few short months. Here are 5 things we have already learnt from 2018:

1: It’s Not All About Growing At Speed

This has been something that we’ve learnt from 2018 that has shaped our year-long goal.

Business owners often have the desire is to keep growing as fast as possible – always looking to the next client milestone or the next revenue landmark… whereas we’ve learnt that this shouldn’t always be the case.

You have to ensure that your services don’t slip as you get more and more popular.

That’s why we’ve spent the first few months of this year fortifying and improving our already impressive systems and services. We want to go even further and excel in every area of our business.

By doing this, you ensure that you’re always going above and beyond with the service you deliver and satisfying your clients at whatever speed you grow.

2: More Businesses Than Ever Are Switching To Cloud Accounting

We’ve learnt two things that indicate that more businesses are deciding to move their accounts in the cloud.

Firstly we, personally, know of businesses that are taking the decision to switch to cloud accounting software like Xero for the first time. It’s by far more efficient!

Secondly, Xero themselves have confirmed that they have increased their users by 30% in Australia since Sept 2017 – which is normally a big sign that they are growing worldwide too.

3: GDPR Compliancy Demands Time & Hard Work

GDPR has dominated our focus over the past few months, along with many other businesses across the UK.

Everyone seems to have been affected by this, and it’s taken a lot of hard work and communication for businesses to ensure that they are compliant with the new legislation.

However, it’s clear to most that this new legislation will have a positive impact on marketing and sales and is a good thing to be implemented.

4: Brexit Implications Haven’t Hit Hard… Yet

With Brexit’s end date being just under a year away, many small businesses haven’t felt the anticipated pressure that was predicted.

Many big high street retailers like Toy’s R Us & Maplin have crumbled under the weight, but small businesses that are more forward thinking haven’t been hit as bad.

The smaller businesses, that are more forward-thinking, aren’t being hit as bad.

From what we’ve learnt so far… the storm doesn’t seem as bad as first predicted.

5: It’s Worth Improving Your Interview Process

Finally, we’ve learnt lots about the interview process.

As we’ve grown as a company and acquired more clients, our staff team has also had to grow.

We’ve tried new methods: such as using an agency and having a more thorough interview process. This has led us to feel confident with people that we’ve added to the team.

We’ve learnt that doing these things improves the recruiting process and that you can ensure the right person is fitting the right role.

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