5 Website Designs For 2019

Many business owners feel that it’s necessary at the start of a new year to freshen up their website.

They’re not wrong, it’s a great move! Fresh starts make sense at the beginning of the year!

So in this blog we’ve listed 5 website designs that will be popular in 2019.

Video Headers

Video is the king of engaging content, and so it makes sense that more people are incorporating video at the top of their website in the header.

One thing that stopped people in the past, was the increasing amount of mobile usage when customers visit websites. Watching videos on mobiles can massively drain your data.

However, due to massive data plans this doesn’t seem to be an issue for many now, and many businesses are taking the leap and getting videos in their headers.

Black & White

In 2018, websites were dominated by bright colours and lots of shapes. This year, it’s back to basics: Black and white.

The white brings a clean looking feel to any brand, and the black creates bold, impressive content.

If it fits with your brand idea… Black and White could be the way to go.


Having a glitch effect on your website could add something new and unique to your website.

Glitches create a futuristic feel, and a sense of disorientation. This can create intrigue and could be an effective tool to get people searching through your site.


Chatbots were used a lot in 2018 and that trend will probably continue in 2019.

After being brought into the mainstream, through facebook business pages, chatbots have been used more and more, because they offer a quick way for customers to interact with businesses.

They can be set up with no code, and used to answer frequent questions that your customers may have.

See whether a chatbot is useful for your website this year.


A timeless and classic design, that looks beautiful: it’s Minimalism.

A site that is minimalistic will give the customer less to think about, and lead them to what they want to see. With simple colours, and clear text – your website could end up smooth and never seem out of date.

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