A Look Back At Our Predictions For 2019

Every year we like to make some predictions for the year ahead.

We wrote this blog at the start of 2019, making 9 predictions!

Let’s find out how we did below…

1. Britain Will Need A Year To Recover From A Messy Brexit, Deal or No Deal

Would it be possible to keep this prediction in place for 2020?

The Brexit negotiations continued throughout 2019, and as of this writing, Brexit is just days away! (I’m sure we thought this last time)

In a way, we were right….

Boris Johnson has confirmed there will be a period of transition for Brexit, which the government has formally agreed with the EU.

Prediction: Correct!

2. Governments Will Continue Their Attack On Internet Content

After some big attempts to repeal net neutrality in America, and the EU’s big vote on Article 13 – the worry surrounding the freedom of the internet seemed to lose its steam.

One area though in particular that came under scrutiny was advertising to children via platforms such as Youtube. 

In the past months websites have been forced to take a more strict approach to manage what will be put in front of children’s eyes when they are viewing content on the internet.

Prediction: Wrong

3. Esports Will Be The Business Model Everyone Is Talking About

Despite racking up some of the biggest prize pots in 2019, Esports didn’t quite make its way into mainstream media.

There are still many who don’t have a clue what Esports even is!

The business model is interesting, and businesses should definitely consider advertising at events like this in the future (especially if it breaks out and happens in local areas due to the enormous following among young people.)

Prediction: Wrong

4. 5g Phones Won’t Be All They Are Cracked Up To Be

The media seemed to be going crazy for 5g phones, and the huge changes that they would bring.

However, there has been scepticism about what 5g would be used for.

General happiness with 4G connectivity also means that we were on the money with this prediction for 2019.

Prediction: Correct!

5. High Street Giants Will Continue To Fall

In 2018, we saw Maplin and Toys R Us plunge into administration and close their doors.

This past year was no different, with the likes of Mothercare and Thomas Cook to name just a few high street businesses who fell due.

This trend looks set to continue in 2020, which is probably the worst news of all.

Prediction: Correct!

6. GDPR Will Come After More Big Business Names

As we mentioned above, GDPR has been clamping down in 2019, particularly regarding the collection and storage of children’s data. 

Websites like Youtube have been forced to demonetise adverts on children’s content, which means they’ll lose a lot of revenue because of this.

This will inevitably branch out, as GDPR tries to protect more people’s data.

Prediction: Correct!

7. Apple Won’t Keep Up With The Competition

The iPhone 11 was released in 2019, and the opposite happened to what we predicted.

Many consumers went and bought one of the latest iPhone variations, and if we’re honest they are fairly good phones.

However, the biggest criticism fell at the Pixel 4’s door. Google’s latest phone looked set to be a strong competitor when it was released in October, however customers haven’t taken to it as expected. 

The Samsung Galaxy s10, although looked appealing at the start of the year, didn’t take the Samsung brand to the next level.

Prediction: Wrong!

8. There Will Be A New Prime Minister

We predicted that Theresa May would step down, however she didn’t manage to get Brexit done.

Enter Boris Johnson, who became the Prime Minister and was voted in with a majority government just last month. Spot on!

Prediction: Correct!

9. MTD Will See Businesses Run To Cloud Accounting

Statistics have shown that many businesses are beginning to head to cloud accounting software, after the introduction of Making Tax Digital.

We were correct, however we expect the coming years where cloud accounting software makes the biggest progress, as MTD starts to branch out to all areas of business.

Prediction: Correct!

Total Correct Predictions: 6/9.

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