A New Investment Scheme Is Available For SMEs!

There is a new investment scheme available for businesses in the north of England.

It targets SME’s that have a research idea and a business plan that aims to have a positive impact or solution.

Who Is Offering This Investment Scheme?

Research suggests that SME’s that grow and prosper will be the ones that succeed in generating high impact work that stands out – but in order to do this, these SME’s require expensive upfront costs.

They are not able to afford the tools and tech required to turn their research idea into a real product or service, no matter what good might come from it.

The University of Liverpool have noticed this, understood the situation, and created an initiative to help SME’s in the north of England.

What Does The Investment Scheme Offer?

If an SME has a raw research idea, alongside a business plan, they can gain up to £10,000 worth of access to world-class, state of the art technology at the University of Liverpool.

They’ll have access to technology such as MRI scanners, confocal microscopes and much more for any period of time between 6-12 months.

There will also be access to the University’s research facilities along with opportunities to get advice and support from scientists and specialists in their field.

If the research outcome is deemed to have a positive impact or solution, then business can apply for further external funding.

Why Is The Investment Scheme Only Available In The North Of England?

The University’s shared research facilities have been available to staff for quite some time now, but are being opened up to businesses in the region as well.

The aim is to help SME’s commercialise their ideas and be given the opportunity to thoroughly research and deliver tangible products and services that will boost the regional economy.

That’s the university’s main goal: to further boost the regional economy.

It will be interesting to see if this investment scheme succeeds.

If so, it may lead other Universities in the country partnering with SME’s in their own regions, and offering their facilities out in the hope to boost their own regional economies.

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