A-Z Guide: Liverpool Food & Drink Festival 2015

Liverpool Food & Drink Festival 2015

This weekend is The Liverpool Food & Drink Festival! It’s finally here! But sometimes it’s hard to make the most of these opportunities, because of how much goes on.

We wanted to give people a quick breakdown of what to expect and let you prioritise anything you’re most excited about – so we decided to compile our own A-Z Guide for the event. Hopefully it will also wet the appetite of those who are still on the fence about going!

What are you looking forward to most? Is there anyone you’re trying to persuade to come along? Let us know in the comments & share this with your friends!

Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Atmosphere.


Picture this: thousands of people will be gathered at the most iconic park in Liverpool. The smell of fresh food will be finding it’s way to your nose, the sound of laughter and conversations infectiously making you smile – It’s almost here, and it’s an event you won’t want to miss.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Bold Street Coffee.

Bold Street Coffee

Second letter in and we’ve already met the big boys of Liverpool’s barista scene. Great coffee, priceless latte art and full flavoured beans means there ain’t no party without Bold St Coffee.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Celebrity Chefs.


Celebrity Chefs

Find the celebrities in the demo tent, where they’ll be showcasing their skills! There’ll be two personalities on each day, with TV chef Valentine Warner headlining on Sunday! (Pstt – Go to letter H for your Saturday Headliner)

Also appearing over the weekend are Great British Bake-Off runner up Richard Burr and food writer Rachel Khoo.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Drinks



Have you ever had a creme egg shot? How about Ferrero Roche? … pick wisely at Retro Shots. But for all of you who would prefer something a bit less experimental there will be alternatives, like pints of beer.

Thistly Cross Cider & Wemyss Malts should get a mention too – the options are endless! But remember, drink responsibly!


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival East Avenue Bakehouse.

East Avenue Bakehouse

They bake their own bread and are experts at it too. Bread’s not all they do though, they also serve great wine and believe in only the best fresh and tasty meat too – Top pick: can’t go wrong!


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Fresh Produce.

Fresh Produce

One of the best things at a festival like this is, everywhere you look, there’ll be food that’s fresh and made to order. The businesses there wholeheartedly agree that fresh produce is best for business. You’re guaranteed to get tasty grub whilst also supporting your local producers, it’s a win-win situation.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Guitars


Acoustic, Electric, Ukuleles – you name it, it’ll be played. Music throughout the day by various acts, playing both originals & covers. You never know, you might hear a future X Factor Champion?


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Hemsley


Hemsley & Hemsley

Saturday’s headliners are sisters Jasmine & Melissa Hemsley. They’re big on delicious, nutrient dense cooking and their book ‘The Art of Eating Well’ was nominated for National Food & Drink Book Of The Year.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Independent Businesses

Independent Businesses

There’ll be lots of them, so come along, get to know your city and support your locals!


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Jump on the train. Merseyrail.


Jump on the train!

Seriously, parking is going to manic. Get the train to St Michael’s station and walk for 5 minutes. It’ll be a good carb burner after you’ve eaten all of that food too. For you bus lovers the 80 & 75 stop outside Croxteth Gate, whilst the healthy among us will probably use City & Go Bikes!


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Kid


Kid’s Activities

Eleventh letter in and a reminder that the Liverpool Food & Drink Festival is for the whole family! There’ll be some awesome children’s activities throughout the weekend including a Bear Mascot! We’re not sure if it’s a real bear, but we hope not, as there will also be a bear hunt… and that’s just unkind!


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Local Suppliers

Local Suppliers

Did we mention that loads of local suppliers will be there? Support your locals!


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Mowgli Curry Clinic


Mowgli’s Curry Clinic

What’s better than Liverpool’s own Mowgli Curry? Being able to make them yourself at home anytime you like! We think Nisha Katona is great and she’ll be sharing her secrets and letting you have a go at making your own curry, there and then, under her guidance. What an opportunity!

This is on a first come first serve basis and you have to register at a secret location, which we’re not going to tell you because we want a place on it…. (oh fine, you have to sign up at the Kingfisher Beer Truck! Race you there?)


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival New Faces

New Faces

Say hello to some of Liverpool’s new restaurants, like Mister Miyagi’s & Mexican Village.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Outdoor Fun

Outdoor Fun!

We hope! …please don’t rain, please don’t rain, please don’t rain.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Puppy Creche


Puppy Creche

No dog’s allowed! However, dog-owners can leave their pups with Tails in The City at their creche. This includes organised walks, but bookings must be made in advance to tailsinthepark@gmail.com.

For one 90 minute slot, you pay £5 which goes to The Clatterbridge Cancer Charity.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Quid not Cards

Quid, not Cards

It’s important to know that cards aren’t accepted at the festival, so bring some cash instead.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Real People

Real Food, Real People

Did we mention you’ll be supporting your local businesses and local suppliers. What can we say, we love local businesses! 🙂


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Street Food Area

Street Food Area

A popular place over the years – featuring lots of quirky vehicles, with mouthwatering food from around the world. Mmmmmm.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Cocktail Championship


The LFDF 2015 Cocktail Champion

There will be a cocktail competition, with staff from the city’s bars going head to head. There’ll be twists and turns, but once the dust has settled and all the smoke has cleared, there can only be one Champion.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Ultimate Fudge Factory

Ultimate Fudge Factory

Because, who doesn’t like fudge?!… Get your dessert pouches ready, people!


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Vino Masterclass

Vino Masterclass

They’ll be plenty to do over the weekend! For example Bretta&Co will be hosting them, so if you enjoy the odd tipple or want tojust have a laugh with some friends – go along to them!


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Wine Evening


Wine Evening

It’s on Wednesday night & tickets are £15.00. You’ll have the opportunity to sample more than 100 different wines and eat delicious cheeses too – all inside the beautiful Palmhouse on Sefton Park. Magical…


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Xocolat Coeur De

Xocolat, Coeur De

See what we did there? Let us off! Coeur De Xocolat will be providing chocolate tasting so you can discover the world of fine chocolates.


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Yummy

Yummy Food

All day, All night!


Liverpool Food & Drink Festival Zero Regrets

Zero Regrets

If you’ve read this far, it’ll be worth your time!

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