Amazon Prime Day Deals For Your Business

Amazon Prime Day is here!

The two day event offers loads of deals that businesses should try and take advantage of.

The event is site wide and available to Amazon Prime Members, with new sign ups receiving a 30 day free trial – so there’s nothing to lose!

How To Navigate Prime Day

Throughout the next 2 days Amazon will be regularly updating the prices of all different types of products on their website.

These are known as Prime Day Deals.

Products that are Prime Day Deals will remain on offer for a limited amount of time. The timer ends when all of the available products have been claimed, or when the time runs out for that particular product.

This means you have to act fast, as a Prime Day Deal might not be around for very long, or others might get to it first.

The length of time a product is available will vary. Amazon also lets you see which products are upcoming Prime Day Deals in the near future, so you can set reminders of when the deal you want goes live.

What Does Your Business Need?

Prime Day Deals are split into different categories, and we guarantee there will be something that will save your business some money.

Here’s some of the different categories with offer suggestions for your business:

Amazon Devices

It goes without saying that Amazon like to offer their own devices on Prime Day.

At the moment you can grab a small & portable Echo Dot speaker for less that £20, or a Fire 7 Tablet for £29.99 which could help with productivity.

Small Business Sellers

Prime Day is also a great opportunity to support small businesses who sell through Amazon.

Check out this category to help businesses like this survive through the tough winter months ahead.

Computers & Accessories

Whether it’s a new keyboard, mouse, or computer – this category will have you covered.

There are many USB hubs available on the site, as well as webcams for those all important video calls that we all seem to be in.

The biggest deal right of the event looks to be the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 tablet, which is currently discounted by a whopping £250.

DIY & Tools

For the tradesmen among us, now might be the best time to upgrade your kit!

This category currently includes deals on cordless saws, drills and a whole host of other items from all of your favourite top brands!

Office & School Supplies

Whether it’s office organisation, a special Parker pen, or a planner to get your week in check – you’ll find it all here!

There’s also a square:up card reader available for just £15.99!

Perhaps more intriguing is a set of headphones that helps translate other languages for you… random we know, and for £139.99 a bit expensive too, but for the right person this might be the deal of a lifetime!


That leads us nicely into actual headphones. Again, these can make a big difference to the quality of your video calls.

The options here are endless:

  • Perhaps you need something more comfortable for the many online meetings?
  • Is it time for something noise cancelling so you can get on with your work?
  • Or do you just need a pair of small, discreet ones because you’re always on the move?

Save Your Business Some Money This Prime Day

Those are just a few categories that we’ve browsed for you.

There are many other deals on the website, and we hope that some of our ideas above can help you save money this Amazon Prime Day.

Head on over to Amazon when you get the chance and save your business a few pounds this Prime Day (or even a few hundred of pounds).

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