Amazon Prime Day Is Back & Bigger Than Ever

It’s time to start thinking about what your business needs because Amazon Prime Day is back and bigger than ever!

There will be loads of offers that you can take advantage of: helping to save your business big money!

When Is Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Day is in fact, multiple days: a large 48 hour event that begins on July 15th.

It ends on July 16th and neither day will be ‘better’ than the other. You will want to have your eye on both!

Across the two days there will be great offers across the site that you can take advantage of.

The offers in recent years have been compared to Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

How Does Amazon Prime Day Work?

In order to get the deals involved in Amazon Prime Day you first must be a Prime Member.

Fortunately, Amazon are offering a free 30 day trial on their website. If you aren’t a member yet then you can do that for free, right now, to ensure you’ll be eligible for the event on July 15th.

While some offers are site-wide for the entire event, most of the offers come in the form of ‘lightning deals’.

We’ll explain what they are below.

What You Need To Know: Lightning Deals

You need to know that the majority of Amazon Prime Day works through these ‘lightning deals’.

Lightning deals are quick offers available for a limited amount of time. There is a limited quantity of items too: so you’ll have to be quick to get the deals that you want.

Once the timer on the lightning deal is finished or the item is sold out – that’s it! The deal is over!

This means that you’ll have to know exactly what your business needs in advance and keep an eye out for the right deal.

Do some thinking beforehand about which areas you want to invest in to ensure that you don’t miss out.

You’ll have the option to look ahead of time to see which items will be involved in a lightning deal and when they start. This is helpful because you can set timers and reminders to help you dart back and make your purchases.

The price of an item is revealed only when the lightning deal goes live though.

A Big Opportunity For Businesses

Not only is Amazon Prime Day a great chance to buy desks, technology and so much more for your business, it’s also a great opportunity to sell on Amazon too.

Small businesses are being heavily backed by Amazon on the platform, and events like this help many of these businesses to grow. Getting involved really helps!

We’ll be listing some of the best rumoured deals before the event starts next week! So make sure to check back with us.

Again, our advice is this:

  • Plan what your business actually needs. You’re not saving if you impulse buy.
  • Check back next week to see whether we’ve found any deals that are rumoured to be part of the event.
  • Search the relevant categories on Prime Day and see whether there are any lightning deals coming up.
  • Set reminders for when the lightning deal of your choice goes live.
  • Save your business some money!


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