Are You Too Smart To Be Scammed? Take The Test!

Business owners should be aware that Barclays have sent a warning email to their customers about fake texts.

It’s not unusual for scammers to target business owners. They often disguise themselves as leading bank accounts, and urge customers to share their security details with them.

Barclays are currently addressing fake text messages that appear to be from them.

Are You Too Smart To Be Scammed?

At the bottom of this blog is a link to a website called ‘Take 5’ where you can test whether you are smart enough to spot a scam.

How To Spot Scam Texts & Emails

It’s always helpful for business owners to be aware of how to spot scams, particularly as scammers seem to get more sophisticated over time.

However, a scam usually has one of these characteristics:

  1. A text or email that usually asks you to call them ‘urgently’ about a payment you don’t recognise.
  2. A text or email that urges you call them due to a fraud on your account.

Both of these tactics, require the customer to call a number that isn’t linked to the true bank account they are claiming to be.

Once the number is dialled, you’ll be asked to provide security and pin codes so that they can access your business bank account and steal your money.

What To Do When You Believe You’ve Spotted A Scam

If you get a text message or an email that appears to be from your bank, don’t act immediately! Consider that is could be a scam.

If the message you’ve received seems to be unusual, or suspicious, call your bank straight away (to a number you recognise) and report it.

If the message, or caller, is asking for security codes, this is an immediate red flag! Hang up immediately, gather information on the number, email or text message and report it to your bank via a number you know.

Take The Fraud Test!

Banks are working with mobile networks to fight against scammers, so it’s really helpful if you work with them when you spot a scam.

Be vigilant and protect yourself and your business! This website allows you to test whether you can spot scams!

Do you think you’re too smart to be scammed?

Take the test here >

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