Avoid Business Burnout With These Tips

I was once taught this valuable lesson… Less is more.

Business Burnout

Business burnout isn’t something that just pops out of thin air. It might feel like it is, but look again and see that it’s not…

Instead, business burnout is an accumulation of feelings and emotions across a period of time that slowly and gradually pick up speed until you’re left feeling overwhelmed and exhausted at the prospect of getting out of bed for work one morning.

Sound familiar?

Business burnout is not a spontaneous burden that can strike at anytime… Business burnout happens when you’re trying to do too much, too fast, too often.

Which is good news! Because it means you can address it before it’s too late.

So, how can we combat business burnout before it hits us like a ton of bricks?

First Tip: See What’s On Your Plate

We’re all guilty of filling our plates with more than we can manage – whether it’s because of excitement, need, or opportunities that feel like they can’t be passed. We find ourselves bearing too much of the load.

So the first tip is this: slow down.

Strip back your workload and ambitions to the things that really matter and begin to reorganise what’s on your plate.

Many businesses go too hard, too fast and end up not being able to sustain their growth. They no longer maintain a high standard of service and inevitably everything begins to slip, and finally, come crashing down.

So do what you do, and do it well! If you take a long, hard look at what you’re doing – you’ll see immediate actions steps to take: even if this means not taking on a wealth of new business now.

Second Tip: Do Less, But Do It Better

As we saw earlier, business burnout isn’t a spontaneous combustion of pressure, but instead a gradually build up.

You are not powerless to this feeling of business burnout. You are in control, and you always have a choice to make.

Doing two things excellently is better than doing six things poorly and will reflect in your happiness and your customer’s happiness.

So be proactive and reconsider what you’re offering.

Like clearing out a wardrobe – there will be clothes that don’t fit, styles you no longer prefer, items that are moth eaten and unwearable.

The point we’re making is that you have a choice about what you do – it’s your business and you should build it around doing what you love to do.

If you feel pressure coming in from tasks you don’t want to be doing, services you don’t want to be offering or products that you’re not passionate about – then do two things, but do them well.

That might look like hiring, it might look like outsourcing certain tasks –  but you should always strive to work for the people you want to work for, you should work the times you want to work, you should do the tasks you want to be doing – and do it all well.

That sounds really liberating but it also involves hard decisions, and letting things go that may have been hanging around for longer than you’d have liked – but it is possible.

Remember, the alternative is burnout.

Third Tip: Take Time Out

It might sound counter productive, but taking a break to get away from the busyness of business can refresh you no end!

So take a long weekend off, get some inspiration and clear your mind. Spend that time thinking about what you want your role to look like, what you dream for your business to be like – and if you do, you will begin to see it making a massive difference.

Remember: Less Is More.

You began your business because you have a passion for what you do, so make sure that is what you’re spending your time doing. Do it great and do it really well.