Business Opportunities For 2020

A new year brings new opportunities in the business world.

For the entrepreneurs out there, this is the time to survey the land. What are the problems that consumers are facing, and what are the big business ideas that can help to solve these problems.

Below we look at 5 business opportunities for entrepreneurs in 2020.

1) Healthy Junk Foods

More consumers than ever are moving towards healthy diets. The rapid mainstream growth of veganism is proof of this, as well as families trying to choose healthy alternatives over freezer food.

The next logical step is to create, sell, or rebrand healthy junk foods. This is the weak spot for anyone tempted into a healthy lifestyle, therefore chocolate & crisps will be the perfect place to start for a startup idea in 2020.

2) Non Alcoholic Drinks

Dry January isn’t just a one month thing. Statistics show that around 47% of British drinkers have reduced their alcohol intake in 2019, which means there is a gap in the market for non-alcoholic drinks

Alcohol companies have already spotted this trend, offering lots of non-alcoholic alternatives of their own products, however producing or sourcing a new, fresh alternative, that isn’t a pale imitation, would be a good idea for 2020.

 3) Podcasting

Consumers’ desire for audio content has never been bigger! 

Statistics show that 1 in 8 people listen to a podcast every week, and this figure keeps growing every year. Advertisers are fully committing towards investing in this space.

Perhaps building content for a regular podcast, or starting a business idea to help support and source advertisers for podcasts could be an interesting startup idea for 2020.

4) Teach A Craft 

Handmade items have for a long time been a niche market, with most consumers opting for mass-produced products.

However, with people turning away from plastic and choosing a more organic lifestyle, this mindset has also caused more people to go hand-made. 

Whether it’s selling your own handmade products, providing a platform for creators to sell, or teaching others how to develop their own skills through classes – there are a lot of options for entrepreneurs in 2020 when it comes to this field.

5) Rum Is On The Up

Rumour has it that the gin-hype of the past few years is to be replaced with rum fever.

Just like consumers ran to gin houses, and different gin variants, it looks like the same will be said for run in 2020.

Opportunities will arise for rum bars, or locally branded rum, within the next year and might prove to be an industry to invest in.


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