Business Podcasts Are Great! Here Are 5 Suggestions For You…

Last year we wrote a blog called ‘5 reasons why you should start listening to podcasts’.

Since then podcasts have moved from strength to strength. There are award ceremonies for podcasts, advertisers are flocking to get their message out to listeners. They are only getting more popular.

This is Why Business Podcasts Are Great

The great thing about podcasts is that you can listen to them on the go and take in precious information whilst working or commuting.

As a business owner, being trained and equipped to be the best you can be, often goes under the radar. Many owners just get on with their work, knuckle down, and hope for the best in the long run.

However, industry leaders are now sharing their tips, tricks, advice and experiences in these regular podcasts. There is a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips that you can tap into right now!

Podcasts mean that you can both educate yourself as a business owner, whilst you continue working hard and pleasing your customers.

5 Business Podcasts That Will Be Worth Your Time

Below we’ve listed 5 business podcasts that you might be interested in.

Some of these podcasts are more general, whereas some focus on sales or marketing. In each case, the goal is to shape you as an entrepreneur and help make your business better.

So, take a look at the 5 below and see whether any catch your attention.

B2B Growth Podcast

This is a great B2B podcast (as the name implies) that is released on a daily basis.

It features interviews with marketing industry leaders who offer their advice and knowledge on social media and creating good content for your business.

The podcast is hosted by James Carbary, Nikki Ivey and Logan Lyles. The episodes are less than 30 minutes long, so it is an easy listen over lunch or just on your commute home.

If you want something that you can tune into regularly then this podcast could be for you?


Accelerate Your Business Growth Podcast

This podcast is aimed at different types of business owners, so you’ll probably get something useful from it.

The host, Diane Helbig, is a famous business advisor, author and specialises in business growth acceleration. 

In her podcast she focuses on different aspects of business, and has a wealth of knowledge in lots of these areas.

A podcast like this would be great for someone who wanted to dip in and out as the topic suits your needs.


The Marketing Book Podcast

In this podcast, Douglas Burdett interviews best selling authors that write sales and marketing books.

Of course, the authors don’t give everything away about their book (they want to sell you it!) but they will definitely give you an insight into their experiences, and the principles that they write about.

Douglas is a stand up comedian, so he tries to make his podcasts both informative and entertaining at the same time. Maybe you could do with a laugh whilst you try to grow as a business owner?

Episodes are aired weekly on Fridays, so could prove to be a great to end to your week.


In the Arena Podcast

Some people want tangible advice that they can implement in their business as they hear it. If that’s you, this podcast could be for you…

Anthony Iannarino hosts this podcast and aims to offer practical tips for business owners that you can take action on.

As a sales author himself, Antony has a deep knowledge about how to advance your business and increase sales.

Other authors and industry experts often join him on his podcast too, so if you want actionable tips and lots of different input this podcast should be a great fit for you.


Liz on Biz Podcast

Owning a business takes over your life. It’s sometimes as simple as that…

If you’re a business owner who is feeling overwhelmed, or are desperate for a better work/life balance Liz Theresa’s podcast will be useful to you.

Her podcast includes pretty much everything a business owner needs to know; from marketing strategies, to lifestyle advice.

Any business owner can really benefit from this podcast, but female owners in particular should give it a go.

If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, and some personal advice along with your dose of business knowledge this podcast could be for you!


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