Creating Your Own ‘Prime Day’ Event

Amazon Prime Day has become an annual event that gets customers spending big in the middle of summer!

The two day event has been gaining momentum each and every year. 

Over time we’ve seen ways that other businesses have responded to it. In the days leading up to Amazon Prime day both Ebay and Currys were offering discount codes and sales on items across their sites. 

Their goal was to claim customers cash before the Prime Day event.

However, these were just advertised as normal sales. There was nothing special, or memorable about these sales… but it got us thinking…

What if they created their own ‘Prime Day’ event?

It’s an interesting question: What would it look like for a business like yours to host your own version of ‘Prime Day’?

Would it shape the way your business performed in a given month? Could it become something big and memorable for your customers?

Planning Your Very Own ‘Prime Day’ Event

Before we start, we need to answer this question: What makes Prime Day so successful?

Well, the two big draws of Prime Day are:

  • Eye-watering discounts
  • A wealth of selection

The two big aims of Prime Day are:

  • To increase sales
  • Get more users to buy into the Amazon vision & open a Prime account.

So how does a business like yours create your own Prime Day Event? Well it has to meet these goals.

What Should Be The Goal Of Your ‘Prime Day’ Event?

It might not be possible to offer eye-watering discounts across a variety of options. However discounting, or offering something for free could be enough to draw in new customers?

Your goal must be reaching out to more people. However, the day needs to feel special. That’s what the Prime Day event really captures.

You need to find a way to get your customers, new and old, to buy into something your business believes in.

Perhaps instead of offering a discount, you donate a portion of every sale to a charity or a cause that you are supporting?

You want them to become part of something, a journey that they can follow. A story that they can become part of…

Some Examples Of Your Own ‘Prime Day’ Event

Perhaps your Coffee Shop could provide hot drinks for the homeless and donate to a shelter based off of the success of your event.

Perhaps a Painter and Decorator could donate a portion of the month’s earnings to a local hospice and give it a fresh lick of paint.

An event like this will help to boost sales, but also attract customers to become part of a bigger purpose. 

Your relationship will supersede a simple customer and business relationship: you’ll partner together! 

That’s what will make your event special: partnering for a greater goal.

If this event is repeated on an annual basis, you can expect it to grow each and every year and become a real landmark day in the life of your business, and perhaps even your local community.


First of all you find a way of spreading the news. Use social media pages, hashtags, and business cards that are cheap to give to all of your customers.

You want to drum up as much local excitement for your event as possible.

The planning that goes into putting on an event like this will feel like a heavy burden, but know that the first time is always the most difficult.

Once you have planned an event like this, it gets easier each year as more people catch onto the vision.

What made you open your doors for the first time? 

How can you use a big ‘Prime Day’ style event to shout that vision to your local community?

Those are some great questions to ask when starting out on running your first annual ‘Prime Day’ event.


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