Does Hard Work Always Pay Off?

‘Hard work always pays off’ is an old age saying that has survived the test of time.

You may believe it yourself, or a similar phrase: ‘the cream always rises to the top’. Both of these sayings claim that working hard will always get you the recognition you deserve.

But is it actually true… or is this actually a lie that needs exposing?

Hard Work Does Produce Results

There’s definitely something to be said for hard work producing results.

Let’s say for example the competition is working 9am-5pm and you’re working 9am-9pm: you’ve outworked them! In a week they’ll do 40 hours, but you’ll be doing 50 hours – and those extra hours add up!

In a year you’ll have worked nearly 600 hours more than them – that’s game changing and you’re definitely going to get the edge over them for all the extra hard work you’ve put in.

But what this phrase misses is the fact that it’s not just how much time you spend working hard – but what you spend that time doing.

It’s Not Just About How Hard You Work…

We’ll happily let you in behind the scenes at DH Business Support to give you a great example of what we mean:

When we first started in 2009 – cloud accounting wasn’t a thing. Everything was done on spreadsheets, by hand or with calculators and the day-to-day processes took ages in comparison to how quickly everything flows now.

Now, all of the calculations, processes and reporting is done in Xero: one place, in the cloud and accessible anywhere – beautiful!

Now, if we’d continued working hard in the same ways that we did in 2009 for our ever increasing client base – it wouldn’t matter if we worked hard from 1am-11pm in today’s current climate. There’s no way we’d keep up with the competition!

We’d be working hard but wasting our time! Our hard work would never pay off!

Work Smarter & Work Harder!

Working hard doesn’t always produce results: Working smarter & harder does!

We’d love to hear what you think: but we firmly believe that working hard, partnered with efficiency is key!

As business owners we need to be on top of our workload, working hard, but streamlining everything at every opportunity to allow you to keep working just as hard – if not more so!

It’s only then that you have a better chance at your hard work paying off.

Does hard work always pay off? – No! But, when paired with efficient processes you’ll climb to the top in no time!

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