Does Your Business Logo Speak Louder Than Words?

Perhaps you’ve clicked on this blog because you’re considering refreshing your business’ logo? Maybe you’re starting your first ever business?

Whichever point you are at, this is perhaps one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself: What does my logo communicate?

In this blog we’ll take you through some helpful steps when designing a logo and offer some essential tips that will help you with your decision making.

What Is The Goal Of A Logo?

The old saying goes: an image speaks a thousand words… but this is where most businesses go wrong with their logo.

A logo’s job is to identify, not explain your business. 

How Do I Begin Designing My Logo?

It’s easy to get lost in trying to include too much information in your logo, but the best are the ones that are clear: think Nike or Apple.

The goal of a logo is to make your business identifiable.

Step 1: Get Inspiration

Always start by gathering inspiration from other businesses. Are there any logo ideas that you’ve seen that you prefer?

Find logos that are visually appealing to you and mix and match some of their features.

Do you prefer logos that are in boxes or circles? What sort of font and typography draws your eye to a logo?

Once you’ve done this you’ll be in a great position to start transferring this information onto your own business.

Step 2: Find Your Target Audience

Always remember that you aren’t designing a logo for yourself. You are designing a logo for your customers.

Gathering inspiration and ideas that you enjoy is a good step to take, but it isn’t the end goal. You need to get into the mind of your customers and see what sort of logos they would like.

Perhaps think of three very different types of customers that would walk through your door and start creating a logo (with your previous inspiration) for each of them.

Step 3: Create The Logo

Create as many logos you can for each of these customers. Design teams will often create hundreds of logos, constantly refining each iteration. 

After you’ve exhausted your options, bring the ideas together and start to put together the parts that feel right.

How Do I Finalise My Logo?

The most difficult part of the process will be settling on a final design for your logo.

These are four great questions to ask that will really help take your logo to the next level:

Q1. Is my logo consistent?

Fonts and spaces should be consistent in your logo to give it a nice clean finish. 

Q2. How does my logo feel?

Does the logo feel too busy? Keep refining this step until the logo feels clean and clear.

Q3. Am I overly attached to certain parts of my logo?

It’s very easy to become overly attached to something you’ve created, but try your best to take a step back.

Think about what those 3 different customers would feel if they viewed it for the first time.

Q4. Is my logo scalable?

What does your logo look like across different sizes?

See what it would look like on a both a wall and a letterhead. Take it as small as it can go, even to the size of a pen, then ask… is it still clear? Does it still identify my business?

An Identifiable Mark

Your logo should be a mark that represents you so don’t be afraid to keep experimenting.

If this process seems too daunting for you to undertake yourself there are lots of options you can take…

Find a graphic design artist to come up with some ideas for your business. This could really speed up this process, providing you can communicate with them well.

Websites like Fiverr offer paid services where people will create logos for you. It might be a great place to go if you don’t know any local design artists yourself.


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