Facebook Announce New Business Tools In Time For Christmas

It’s October and DH Business Support are already talking about Christmas!? Say it isn’t so!

Don’t let our eagerness for baubles and mince pies put you off from reading this blog! There’s some awesome news in here! 

Christmas is one of the most profitable times of the year in the life of a business owner, and we want to give you the scoop on some news that might make this year better than the last when it comes to sales!

Facebook Announce New Updates

Facebook have announced several new updates to their platform, and they are trying to benefit business owners like yourself.

These tools will try to help business owners generate more sales across the holiday season. They are designed for those who are already growing their business through Facebook, and for those who don’t have the foggiest!


Training At Facebook HQ

Firstly, Facebook have announced that they will open up their offices around the world and invite business owners from all backgrounds to come and learn, first hand, how to use the platform to grow their businesses.

They will be opening their London office in the UK, so if your business is local, or a quick train journey is a possibility, this will be well worth your time!


Customisable ‘Story’ Feature

You might have also noticed the large ‘story’ feature at the top of the Facebook homepage. This is the next tool that Facebook are seeking to improve.

It has been announced that the story feature will be more customisable than ever, meaning that business owners will be able to create Christmas related advertisements quicker and with greater ease.

These stories are a great way of getting in front of potential customers, as they are positioned in such a prominent place on the app.


Improvements To ‘Instant Reply’ Feature

Facebook also plans to improve the reply feature: allowing business owners to reply to customers faster than before. 

This is great news, because it will allow business owners to reply instantly to anyone who messages. This is exactly what customers expect if they are reaching out to a business and want to talk through an item or service of interest.

If a customer doesn’t get their questions answered, you can be sure they’ll be someone else ready to welcome them in during the holiday season!


Automated Reply Feature

Business owners will also be able to set up automated replies if their office is closed at all during the busy holiday season. 

This will also allow owners to pre-program responses based on frequently asked questions, allowing the owner to direct the customer to their website for a purchase, even if they aren’t available to speak to them.

Getting The Most Out Of The Christmas Season

Getting the most out of the Christmas period is essential for business owners. It can really be the difference between a bad 2019, and setting you up well for the year ahead.

We’ll be sharing lots of different tips and pieces of advice about how to make the most out of the winter months, so be sure to follow us on our Facebook & Twitter below so that you get them straight to your timeline.

If the year has been particularly tough for you (financially, or relating to your accountant, bookkeeping, tax or payroll) – we’d love to hear from you and let you know how we can help.

Merry Chr…. Okay, maybe it is too soon to be saying that!

Best of luck in the build up to Christmas!

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