Fall In Love With Your Business Again

Fall In Love With Your Business Again

No matter how much business owners love their company, there will be times when the love seems to fade.

Whether it’s the day-in day-out monotony, growing pains, failing to reach a specific target that you’ve been aiming at for months, or the local economy hitting you left, right and centre: being a business owner isn’t always sunshine and daisies.

We understand this and want you to know – It’s okay to feel this way.

Re-Balancing Your Outlook

Getting support is a really helpful way of balancing this outlook, particularly if it comes from family members, mentors or fellow peers – because they all helpfully remind of us of the important truth that is often overlooked: being a business owner doesn’t always feel great.

That’s part of the reason why we write our blogs – to offer that support. If even one person reads one of our blogs and is encouraged to go out and give it their best shot again – then that’s mission complete for us!

Here’s The Key: Remind Yourself & Remember

So what do you do when you feel like you’re no longer on the peaks, but instead down in the valleys of life as a business owner?

Try this: remind yourself of the reasons why you decided to start your business in the first place.

These reasons might be a blend of personal and professional: for example, to put food on the table and help small business owners with their financials so they can get on with what they love to do.

That’s some of our reasons – and everyday we are hitting that target! That’s success in our eyes! But what’s your reason?

Focus On Fulfilment Over Achieving Goals

Go back in time and remember your dreams when you first started your business – how you wanted just one customer, how you wanted one person to love what you do so much that they’d recommend you to someone else.

We’re sure that felt miles away from reality at the time – but we hope you can see how you’re fulfilling those things right now as you read this post.

Goal setting produces the highs and lows of being a business owner, but we fall in love with our businesses again – not solely by some incredible wave of performance (although they help!) – but by remembering why we’re here in the first place and using that as our inspiration to continue.

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