Getting The Most Out Of Your Business Cards

Most business owners have a business card in their back pocket.

In a world where digital is clearly taking over, there are still huge face to face networking opportunities.

So, how do you get the most out of your business cards?

Why Do Business Cards Matter?

We believe that face to face meetings allow you to make a deep and personal impression that you simply cannot transfer to digital.

Body language, tone of voice, the coffee, the food: these are just some factors that you can use to your advantage in a face to face opportunity like this.

When you’ve made a good impression in person, you want to ensure that when you give the contact your business card you’re giving them something lasting. Something memorable.

The best business cards are the ones that remind the contact of the face to face experience. If done well, this can provide great value for your business, even today.

What Should be On Your Business Card?

The first step is to ensure that your business card only contains the key information you want to communicate with.

This helps your business card to have a clear action point to whoever receives it.

Rather than load your card with every link, email address and phone number linked to your business – decide on the ones that you really want to communicate through.

Business card information can often be generic, so perhaps consider branching out and using some of these to be different:

Personal Email Address

One of the most annoying types of business cards are the ones where the contact details are generic. You’re pretty sure that it will be an effort to get through to the person you’ve been talking to.

This stops people from remembering who they’ve met in the first place. It feels distant.

However, sharing your own business email address (or even your personal one) will offer a genuine and lucrative opportunity for the contact to speak to you further.

Decisions like this will make the person feel valued. It will feel close and personal.

Whatsapp Contact Details

Of course, your Whatsapp number is simply your phone number. However, by advertising it as your Whatsapp number the contact will naturally check for you on Whatsapp.

This helps them to put a face to the number.

Not only will this create a lasting impression, but it also shows that you’re willing to chat on a forum that lots of businesses don’t use yet. It’s personal!

Again, you’re signalling that you genuinely want the contact to get in touch with you.

What Does Your Business Card Look Like?

First and foremost, your business card needs to look professional and get the basics right.

It’s important to connect the face to face meeting with your company’s branding.

When it comes to your design:

  • Keep your font large so that is readable.
  • Include the colours of your business.

Your card should stand out and be interactive if possible.

Perhaps change the shape from the generic rectangle, or even put your face on it. This will help your card to connect with the experience and be memorable.

That is what you’re striving for when you are networking face to face and handing over your business card: you want to be memorable.

Taking these steps will go a long way to adding a personal aspect to your business cards and ensure you are getting the most out of them.


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