Gmail Is Changing… Here’s Everything Your Business Needs To Know

Big changes are coming to Gmail!

Back in March, Google released Dynamic Email in beta for select GSuite accounts to try and test.

In it were features that look set to revolutionise the way that businesses use Gmail.

AMP Technology

When Google introduced their AMP technology it meant that websites could be viewed faster (in less than one second) on a mobile device, if correctly set up.

This AMP technology has now become the driving force for lots of Google’s ideas, including these new interactive features in Gmail.

So, what are the new interactive features, and when will we all get our hands on them?


Businesses will now be able to input questionnaires directly into their emails.

This will allow them to get instant feedback and collect opinions and information from a person from within the email client.

Appointment Booking

Business will also be able to offer meetings through Gmail.

Users simply insert multiple times and dates for when they are available for meetings and the person receiving the email can simply click on and book themselves in.

Product Catalogues

This new feature means that you can insert items that your company sell into you email.

This means customers can browse specific products and find out further details without leaving the email to go to your website.

Comments From Google Docs

Normally comments from Google Docs would be delivered as notifications in Gmail.

However in Dynamic Email these notifications will be accessible in an email thread so that you can keep track and respond to them all in one place.

When Does Dynamic Email Go Live For Everyone?

These new changes will be launched in full on July 2nd 2019, and will be turned on by default for all domains.

Support for the mobile app will follow shortly after.

Google are seeking to evolve emails from static, flat content and make them interactive.

Through allowing users to access information they need, straight from Gmail, Google are trying to simplify and bring email communication into the next generation.

This move should prove to be a big time saver for businesses and help make the platform an even more enjoyable experience.

So, be prepared for the big changes that are to come and find out ways for your business to get the most out of Dynamic Email for Gmail.


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