Google Jumps In To Support UK Businesses

Google have revealed a bumper package to help support British small businesses! The plan is to help businesses to digitally grow their way out of the current economic crisis.

The support is two-fold, and will be of interest to businesses who have never used Google’s advertising, and for those who have.

We’ll detail all of the details below.

1to1 Mentoring On Offer

The first element of the package is free 1to1 support.

One thing that businesses want most is to show up on the Google search page. Google have now announced that they will be offering free help to get noticed in this way.

This support looks like 10,000 hours of free business mentoring distributed across eligible UK SMEs and charities. The support will be 1to1, therefore the mentoring and strategy will be very specific to your business.

This particular scheme is a partnership with Digital Boost who have described the support as ‘transformational’. In the past Google have offered ‘digital workshops’ which have functioned in a similar way to this.

Advice will be offered so that businesses can boost their visibility online, use social media more effectively, and increase their customer sales. 

You can find out more here.

Free Ad Credit On Offer

The second type of support is free ad credit for British businesses.

Businesses will be gifted a whopping £800 of ad credit that can be used on search engines and Youtube advertising.

In order to qualify for the free ad credit, the small business must have spent through a Google Ads account in 10 out of 12 months in 2019 (or in Jan/Feb of 2020).

This £800 ad credit will go far – but must be used before the end of 2020. If you are eligible Google will put the credit straight onto your account.

Of course, this support only benefits businesses who are familiar with advertising online, and have used Ad Credits before, however Google regularly offers £75 credit to new users if you’re not eligible. 

Is This Support Useful For You?

Mike Cherry, national chairman of the FSB, said: “The first-place many consumers turn to when looking for a product or service is Google, and helping small firms to be more visible as they reopen will go a long way to helping them get back on their feet.

The support does look promising, and will be welcomed by small businesses.

However, much of this support looks to equip and enable businesses to make the most out of their online presence – providing they have some idea about strategy already. It seems limited to the businesses who have considered it already.

It seems to offer little support for the businesses who are starting from scratch with their digital strategy, and taking a big jump. The type of businesses who have been forced into this online forum through the coronavirus pandemic and have no idea about where to start.

In summary, Google’s support is sure to help a lot of businesses, and hopefully the mentor programme will be accessible to all types of business, whether they are starting from scratch or not.


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