Here’s How To Change Your Heart’s Attitude Toward Your Business

Coffee is amazing. It’s our Liverpool office’s fuel to help pick us up and get our minds back on track.

Maybe you’re not a coffee fan, and if that’s you, I’m so sorry. Maybe your go-to is tea? Chocolate? Fizzy Drinks?

Whatever it is – we all have something that gives our minds and bodies that boost of energy when we need it most.

But what happens when this need for a boost is happening too often?

What’s Your Attitude Towards Your Business?

These things can help fuel our minds and give us an extra kick to complete tasks – but they don’t help fix a deeper problem you might have: your attitude towards your business.

  • Do you feel sluggish when getting out of bed in the morning?
  • Do you dread what the day will look like?
  • Do you feel disconnected from the business that you’re building?

For some people this feeling is relentless, where you feel like you’re running on empty every day. For others this feeling comes and goes from time to time.

But these are all symptoms of a bigger problem… the need to change your heart’s attitude toward your business.

3 Ways To Change Your Heart’s Attitude Toward Your Business

1. Rediscover The Passion

In order to be a business owner you must have had some passion for your business idea, to set it up in the first place. So take time out to re-discover the passion for what you do.

This is also a great way of helping your staff care more about your business! Something we all struggle with at some point.

Bring them behind the scenes, show them the reason why your business exists and the goals that you’re passionate about achieving. Take them on the journey with you.

It is always better to take a short break and spend that time refocusing, rather than limping through each and every day until one day it all gets too much.

Find this passion and make it infectious in your workplace.

2. Consider The Competition

Take time to look at what other businesses are doing in your field – see what they do well and aspire to be like them.

We use Xero’s software because we believe it’s the best accounting software around. We’re trained in it to the highest level, and recommend it for all business types.

But we also love Xero as a company – their approach to accountancy is a breath of fresh air.

We don’t have the million pounds worth of investment that Xero do – but we always strive to be a breath of fresh air in our own unique way.

We look up to them as a standard to imitate, but also attempt to exceed them in some areas.

It’s important to look locally too, and see what you do better than the competition. Perhaps it’s your branding, or your customer service? Celebrate where your business is excelling over the rest and enjoy the things that you’re doing well.

3. Find Short + Long Term Goals

Short term goal setting keeps your eyes fixed on progressing as a business. It gives you something to focus on.

These short term goals can fade away after a period of time – and leave you feeling like you’re just wading through the days, without any real sense of direction.

But by setting short term goals you’re giving yourself, and your staff, something to aim for.

Long term goals do the same and should be centred around bigger milestones, giving you real reasons to celebrate.

So next time you take a slurp of coffee, or a swig from your can of Pepsi – ask yourself: ‘What’s my attitude toward my business?’

Perhaps you’re having one of those slow, sluggish days – or perhaps you need to take some time to find the passion again, celebrate and set some goals worth chasing.

Comment below: What’s your fuel? What tips do you have about changing your hearts attitude toward your business?

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