Here’s How To Get Generation Z To Buy From Your Business

You’ve heard of Millennials right? But you’re probably less familiar with Generation Z…

Generation Z will be the most important generation of consumers within the next 5 years – there’s no doubt about it.

That’s a bold claim, but when you see the profile of a typical Generation Z consumer you’ll quickly understand why!

Who Are Generation Z?

  • Generation Z are consumers born between the mid 1990’s and mid 2000’s: this puts them in the demographic of 18-25 years of age.
  • By 2020 Generation Z will account for 40 percent of all consumers in the US, which will also be reflective of here in the UK.
  • According to Google: Most of Generation Z have used the internet since a young age, and are truly the first generation to be born into a digital world.
  • Generation Z are generally comfortable with technology and interacting on social media. This is because they’ve never known a pre-social media world.

The combination of them being one of the youngest consumers and the largest demographic of consumer means you cannot afford to ignore them in your business strategy if you want to flourish in the coming years.

What Do Generation Z Want?

Generation Z are a digitally native generation – they are accustomed to technology exsiting to make their life easier. Content is accessible and on demand at any time they want, through any medium.

  • Generation Z have a massive thirst for knowledge – seeking to learn extra curricular information from videos, podcasts, webinars and tutorials.
  • 8 in 10 Generation Z’ers would like brands to help them learn some new skills, according to a 2015 Deep Focus study.
  • Trust matters most to Gen Z; 63% Of Gen Z Prefers Seeing “Real People” In Advertisements and a massive 95% of Generation Z use Youtube.

Generation Z Want trust, through personal, online experiences that allow them to glean knowledge.

If you can deliver this trust – they’ll be more likely to pay for your product & service.

Here’s How To Foster Trust With Generation z:

Are You Transparent?

Clear and frequent communication is key – engage in conversation with your audience and let them into the life of your small business project.

Show them the highs, the lows, make them feel part of the journey – be transparent about why you do what you do, and why you do it.

Videos and Images are a great way of engaging people in this way. When thinking of a strategy, ensure that everything you do is easy to digest and personable.

Are You Relatable?

Generation Z will buy from influencers if they feel like they are one of their peers. Many entrepreneurs who are successful with gaining Generation Z’s trust are taking their audience on their journeys – opening doors that have never been opened before and sharing a common passion.

This works because, at then end of the day, they are showing that they are just people who love the same thing that their consumers love – and are living their lives in dedication to it.

See where businesses that are in your sector are being ‘closed books’ – and think about how you can break that mould and start showcasing your personality more and more through your interaction with your customers.

Are You Sharing Your Knowledge & Opinions?

There’s something genuine and kind about giving away valuable information for free. It conveys an incredible desire to help others, which is always commendable: This is something Generation Z value most.

They want to learn, learn, learn – but also, know the person they’re learning from more intimately. They don’t just want information, but they want to hear the influencers opinion on important matters, or products that they use.

Think of it like friends who sit around a table discussing things they are passionate about – their favourite movies or preferred ways of making coffee: Generation Z want this kind of conversation with you, over the convenience of their smartphone.

The Result

With clear and honest communication, you’ll find that you begin to build an audience of young consumers who share your passions and, ultimately, buy from you because your B2C relationship is founded on trust.

You’ll have an engaged audience with a lifetime of buying in front of you and, hopefully, be a pleasure to do business with for years to come.