Here’s Why The Beast From The East Was Never Going To Close Our Offices

In Britain – the weather is meant to break us.

Our bank contacted us after the snow had melted away from the latest snow storm: The Beast from the East. They apologised for their poor service due to members of staff not being able to get into their offices to answer calls.

I’m sure there were plenty of other schools and businesses that closed their doors with them – sending a message out to parents and customers, “We’re not open today, staff can’t get in because of the snow.”

Weather like that brings things to a standstill, many people’s services are hit – the roads are unsafe and public transport throws the towel in… but we knew that wouldn’t be the case for us.

Here’s Why…

Our main accounts department is based in Sheffield, and if you know anything about that city and the surrounding peak district – you’ll know that snow hit the area hard.

Some of our staff genuinely couldn’t get into the office. The roads were unsafe to drive on and public transport fell apart – but our staff still worked, they still had all of the relevant information at hand because the accounting system we use is based in the cloud.

That’s one of the amazing things about Xero; it means everything is accessible anywhere by our team.

Whether we’re out at a meeting with a client and want to bring up some figures to better explain a situation, or if we’re snowed in – we can complete everything to the same standard we would in the office.

Snow days don’t exist with Xero! That’s how useful cloud accounting is.

Communication & Adaptability Is Key

As a team, we’re strong at communicating, and that helped us to adapt quickly on those snowy mornings that stopped some accountants from opening their offices.

We knew who could make it into the office and who couldn’t, which meant all we had to do was work out ways to redirect calls to staff members and answer any queries clients had.

Some staff worked from home and kept in communication throughout the day – with regular Skype calls to keep everyone in the loop.

It’s worth noting that, in lesser hit areas some staff did make it into the office – but wherever we were based, we managed to keep delivering our high standard of service throughout the bad weather.

All of our clients who were promised reports and payments of wages still had them on time.

What Could You Move Into The Cloud?

So as we enter the end of March, and the snow keeps on falling – just know that our doors will remain open: winter, spring, summer or fall. You can count on us.

It’s also worth thinking this through for yourself, and seeing whether there are any areas of your business that could be moved to the cloud.