Hindsight Is A Wonderful Thing: Learning From Mistakes

Almost every business owner will be able to hold their hand up and say: ‘Hey, I’ve made mistakes’…

The only business owners who are excluded, are those who have just started out!..(Don’t worry, the time will come!)

As business owners there are two really good reasons why it’s worth taking a deeper look at our mistakes:

  1. It allows us to consider improvements to the way we run our business
  2. It allows us to help others avoid the pitfalls we’ve fallen in ourselves.

We stumbled upon an article where three founders held their hands up and admitted to mistakes they had made, and we feel like they are pretty common mistakes.

3 Lessons To Learn From Founders Of Companies


1. Focus On Customers

One founder shared how he wished that he had been less technology focused and more customer focused.

Asking and engaging with the real people who were buying and using his product was the key. What would they like to see his business become?

He also regretted not having a more ‘open door policy’ by sharing the steps of getting his business off the ground on social media.

As he has grown as a business owner he has seen that getting people to become part of his businesses journey is one of the keys to accelerate growth.

Clear Communication

Another founder shared how she had wished that she had really thought about how her business would communicate with the customers.

She was a young entrepreneur starting off her business and thought social media was where to focus her efforts, however her customers were all grandparents who wouldn’t stray near social media even if you paid them to!

Focus On The Present

The last founder said he’s focused too much on the financial growth of his business, instead of taking a real look at what was happening there and then.

Instead of aiming too high, he wished he had determined his success off of real, achievable goals, based on his customers around him… rather than pie in the sky figures.

One Big Point: It’s All About Your Customers!

Upon reading the article, it was clear to us that actually all three business owners suffer from the same mistake!

All three owners focused on the future, rather than their customers in the present.

The first founder wished that he’d picked technology that served his customers best, rather than choosing the latest cutting edge technology that he thought was cool.

The second founder wished that she’d considered her customers, before deciding on the best way to talk to them.

The third founder wished that he’d focused on the way he served his customers in the present, rather than setting and focusing on high goals for the future.

How Are You Best Serving Your Customers Today?

It’s a question that we as business owners should ask every morning when we get out of bed: How am I best serving my customers today?

If we take a look in the mirror, it’s something we all know we should be doing better. 

Delivering the best experience possible for your customers in the present seems to be the key to success in the future.

So learn from these founders, and your own mistakes, by striving to be more customer centred in the way that you run your business.

If you can delight your current customers, it’s likely that others will gravitate towards your business, and you’ll grow as a result.


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