How Is Brexit Impacting Company Formations In The UK?

We believe there’s always something interesting (and sometimes even encouraging) about seeing how the landscape for UK businesses is changing over time.

Take 2017 for example, in a year hit by Brexit’s knock-on implications, Inform Direct have reported that over 634,000 businesses were formed in the UK – increasing the amount of companies by 4% since the past year. That’s incredible!

Plenty more information can be found below in their full infographic. Bear in mind that not all of it is sunshine and daisies, but there are some interesting facts and statistics within.

At the bottom of this page, we’ve included a short paragraph about our reflections on all of this information:

What’s Our Take On This Information?

Firstly, there are lots more people wanting to be business owners – which is good news!

Secondly, this information, without a doubt, suggests that business owners in the UK should be recognised for their resiliency in surviving and be encouraged for their bravery in starting companies over the past year..

Yes, being a business owner can be hard at times, (the data also shows this), but there is nothing more liberating than being your own boss and working hard to turn your vision into something tangible.

Creating a company that is successful, that makes money and delivers a great service to your clients and customers, is what it’s all about – regardless of the economic landscape.

As a parting message – we want you to look again at this information and realise that you are not alone through this uncertain time of Brexit. This infographic should encourage you to keep going, because many others are too!

Businesses all over the UK can, and will, make it through this testing time. Stick at it!