How Kickstarter Can Help In Your Hour Of Need

Kickstarter Case Study: Bold Street Coffee

Bold Street Coffee was opened in 2010 by owner Sam Tawil. For 8 solid years, it has brought great coffee to one of Liverpool’s most popular streets.

More than that though it’s created a deep sense of community, and unfortunately both of these things have been brought to a halt in recent months.

Bold Street Coffee: In Their Hour Of Need

Unexpectedly, Sam and the team were asked to leave the premises by their Landlord. They were informed that old plumbing needed to be replaced in their basement. 

This meant Sam and his team of brilliant baristas suddenly had to leave.

Other businesses around Liverpool saw their need and reached out to them. This meant that Bold Street Coffee could re-open as a pop-up shop in other premises.

This kept the business alive but inevitably dealt it a hard blow…

After lots of struggles, a loss in revenue, and unfortunate staff cuts; Bold Street Coffee have made it to the end and now… it is time for them to return home.

How Can Kickstarter Help A Business Like Bold Street Coffee?

This is where Kickstarter comes in.

Bold Street Coffee want to re-open their doors again, however, their landlord has altered the venue and they now need to fully renovate the interior. So, they have turned to Kickstarter.

Kickstarter campaigns are easy to understand: ‘Backers’ give money for a small ‘reward’ to help a bigger project.

The bigger project here is to move back in and renovate. The rewards that Bold Street Coffee have created are lunch for two, a years supply of coffee, and espresso training with the owner Sam to name a few.

Backers purchase these rewards upfront and the funds go towards the bigger project.

Who Would Back A Kickstarter Campaign?

Although it is a scary and vulnerable thing to do, the biggest reward of running a Kickstarter like this isn’t achieving your goal… it’s seeing the impact that your business is making to people’s lives.

As Bold Street Coffee begin this journey on Kickstarter, it’s a certainty that they will feel a mix of nervousness and excitement.

We ourselves can attest to how brilliant Bold Street Coffee is.

It was the first venue where we had team meetings when we opened our Liverpool Office.

It was the first place we tasted great coffee and we hold them close to our heart.

We know how much of an impact they have had on the community and believe many people will get behind them, and back them in their hour of need.

Within a few days, they’ve already seen people put £10,000 into the project.

Updates On Bold Street Coffee’s Progress

In order to get Bold Street Coffee back up and running, they are willing to put everything they have into the project.

This leaves a community of backers to pledge £30,000 to get them home and make Bold Street Coffee perfect.

With these funds, they will renovate the upstairs and basement areas. They’ll also fit a bigger, better kitchen that offers more on the menu.

For more information or to pledge to Bold Street Coffee visit their Kickstarter page here.

Ever Thought About Kickstarter For Yourself?

Perhaps there’s a project in your head that you know you can’t do on your own? If so, why not look at Kickstarter and see whether you could reach out to your community to come together and make something beautiful.

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