How Our Business Began

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We’re always big advocates of looking back and seeing where you came from. There’s something about reflecting on how our business began that encourages and inspires us to move forward.

So in this blog, we’re opening the doors to our story and giving you an insight as to how our business began. Hopefully, our story will inspire you to look back on yours and feel the same way.

How Our Business Began


Let’s go back to March 2009 in a small village called Enderby, Leicester.

It was here that the decision to start DH Business Support began. We had a desire to help business owners understand their financials better and free them up to spend more time doing what they love.

Before we knew it rooms were transformed into offices and clients were coming on board!

Lindsay, our current Director of Operations had an extensive history in the financial sector and our MD David gained AAT qualifications in order to begin this family business.

We provided accountancy, bookkeeping and payroll services (and still do to this day), however all the tasks were completed with excel spreadsheets, paper and pens… how times have changed!!

Growth In Leicester & The Switch To Xero

Xero Revolutionised Our Business

Clients had come in from all around Leicestershire and there was a need to move closer to Leicester’s City Centre. This would prove to be a good location for meeting clients.

It was when the accountancy software Xero came along that our business really revolutionised.

Many other accountancy firms weren’t making the switch to cloud accounting software (many still haven’t!) and that put us well ahead of the game. We were more efficient, more knowledgeable and heading in the right direction.

Through technology like Xero, our goal of freeing up business owners was made even more possible!

Opening Our Northern Offices

Sheffield Office

Due to growth in clients, we opened our second office in Sheffield.

We believed firmly in our Accounts Manager (Daniel Mcguren’s) skillset and knowledge in the industry. These things led us to open an office in Sheffield, which would allow us to increase the quality of our service no end.

Making the move to open a new office is always scary, but opening that office was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made for DH Business Support. 

Liverpool Office

Our Managing Director David then married and moved to Liverpool in 2016 to open our third office in Liverpool’s Baltic Triangle. 

Liverpool is a city where local businesses love what they do & want to thrive. Many would prefer an accountant who shares that same ethos and believes in the same principles about how business should be done.

This meant for immediate chemistry and rocketed our growth, which brings us to the present day: we have a vast amount of experience working with different types of business and have grown a lot in size and understanding.

In March 2019 DH Business Support will be 10 years old… and we can’t wait to see what challenges and opportunities will present themselves in the decade to come.

Inspired & Encouraged

When we reflect back on what it was like in Enderby and the systems we used: we can’t help but be amazed, encouraged and inspired to keep moving in the direction we’re heading.

We want to keep providing awesome accountancy, bookkeeping, tax and payroll services that enable business owners from all walks of life to make their businesses better. We want to free up their time to do what they do best.

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