How To Be ‘At Your Best’ After The Holiday Season

As a business owner, it’s tempting to keep on powering through over the holiday season.

You’ll keep on top of work, not get rusty, and have your finger on the pulse while everyone else takes their foot off of the accelerator.

However appealing it might sound, evidence suggests this won’t put you at your best!

Taking a break is necessary to your personal wellbeing and performance as a business owner… and in this blog, we explore steps you can take to have the best of both worlds.

Everyone Needs A Break To Be At Their Best

Do you want to be the best business owner you can be?

Studies show that a person’s attention to detail drops after spending a prolonged period of time on one task.

Taking breaks has also proven to refocus and re-energise you as an individual.

Now, this can happen on a daily basis… but it is also true of your working pattern throughout the year.

So if you want to be the best business owner that you can be, you must take some time off this holiday season in time for the new year.

Below we’ve listed 3 big distractions and offered ideas to help you take a break, but also keep on top of the important aspects of running a business.

3 Biggest Distractions To Switching Off As A Business Owner


1. Checking Your Emails

With Gmail on your phone; accessing work emails has never been easier. It feels like a quick and easy tick list, that helps to keep you on top of things.

While we’re advocating taking a break over the holiday season, completely ignoring any and all emails probably isn’t entirely helpful.

The big switch off can often cause more damage that what it’s worth. There are always emails that are classed as ‘highly important’.

As a business owner it’s probably best to find a balance that suits you.

Perhaps checking your emails every other day could be a great balance between resting, re-energising and ensuring the big important emails don’t get missed.

2. Business Phone Calls

Vetting business phone calls is a much harder task to police than emails, especially while you’re trying to take a break.

Problems could arise from wherever, but the likelihood is that if it really is a big problem: you’ll get a text message from whoever called saying: ‘this is urgent’.

A good way to ensure you are resting, and answering only important calls, is to change your voicemail to re-direct people to send you an email, or to send a text if it’s really important.

3. Phone Notifications

Different apps can also pull you away from a restful holiday break.

This is particularly common with the apps that your business relies on, or that you use to organise your days.

Notifications demand your attention right there and then, and it’s so easy to click on one and spend precious time focusing on them, rather than on refreshing yourself.

Fortunately there are ways to disable these apps, or to turn off the notifications, so that they aren’t drawing your attention to them.

Be At Your Best 

We hope in this blog you’ve seen the benefit of taking a break this holiday season, and that you don’t have to down tools entirely to have a proper break.

Deep down we all want to be the best business owner we can be… so, this holiday season, why not use some of these tips over the next few weeks?

Come back refreshed, re-energised and on top of your game in the new year.


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