How To Close The Door On 2020

It’s been a pretty bleak and disheartening year in the world of business.

The year has been full of obstacles, anticipation and we’ve all been forced to adapt in our own unique ways.

This holiday season, more than ever, needs to be the time where owners refresh themselves, so that they can start 2021 with a clear mind.

1. Close The Door On 2020

The last 12 months have been full of unexpected twists and turns for most businesses. There might be parts of this year where, as an owner, you felt like you were at a loss with everything.

That’s why it’s important, that as the business owner, you use the Christmas holidays to your advantage.

The aftermath of the past year will still likely be worked out over the coming months, it’s not over by a long way.

However, it’s important to recognise that over the Christmas period, there is the opportunity to get some space and prepare yourself mentally for the year ahead.

Make sure that the door is well and truly closed on 2020. This will serve you and your business well, as you enter into 2021.

2. Celebrate With Your Staff

One area of business that will have taken a big hit this year for everyone is the staff team’s morale.

We’re strong believers that if a team is feeling downhearted, it will likely show in the work. So be sure to pay extra attention to this before your team breaks for the Christmas holidays, and how they seem upon return.

The sense of camaraderie and teamwork that comes from working together, regularly, will obviously have gone missing due to the coronavirus pandemic. But getting through it all together, should bring some level of comfort to your team!

While you can’t celebrate the end of the year in the usual ways, it’s important that you take every effort to ensure your team feel valued and appreciated for their efforts this past year.

Move online, celebrate well, and spend some time reconnecting furloughed workers with those who have remained part of the daily business operations.

It will go a long way towards the team’s morale in 2021.

3. Thank Your Loyal Customers

The end of the year is always a great opportunity to reach out to your customers and say thank you for their support.

It’s a gesture that help them to recognise that their partnership with you really does make a difference, and puts everything in good standing for the year ahead.

However, this year we understand this more than most. It goes without saying that money has been hard to come by this year for lots of people.

Thanks to all of the encouragements on social media to support more local businesses, people have made the difficult decision to put their hand in their pockets and support businesses in their area.

Ensure your loyal customers understand that you are especially grateful to them for supporting your business in 2020. It will go a long way!


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