How To Meet Our Culture’s Fast Shipping Demands?

Amazon offer their incredible free next day delivery to Amazon Prime Members.

However, you might not know that they also offer same-day delivery on some of their products, sometimes within 2 hours, with their Prime Now service.

The culture we live in seems to be lapping this service up. This means that expectations on how quickly orders are shipped and delivered might be affecting businesses like yours.

In this blog we want to explore:

  • Delivery time: Is it a big make or break to customers? 
  • Can businesses like yours can compete with delivery speeds that are this quick?

Is Delivery Time A Make Or Break To Customers?

A survey produced by Clutch found that 48% of online shoppers will receive their product within 2-3 days.

A further 42% say that they will receive the product within 4-7 days. 

That means 90% of online shoppers receive their goods within a week, and seem happy to wait. This tells us that customers are actually willing to wait for their products to be delivered!

Great news!

However, delivering a package later that promised seems to be the big deal breaker for customers. The survey also showed that 48% of customers would not purchase again if their delivery was late.

This is a service that Amazon does really well. Amazon offer transparency about when the package will be delivered, even offering customers the option to see where the driver is on the map and how many stops away their package is.

The data shows that, rather than speed, you need to consider how your business could better communicate your delivery times to your customer.

Are There Ways To Speed Up Your Shipping Speed?

Despite the statistics showing that customers are willing to wait, it is to be expected that the demand for quicker shipping will begin to filter through.

The figures show that 5% of online shoppers are receiving their products within 1 day, and this will be on the increase due to Amazon and the variety of products they now offer.

The next generation of customers are growing up expecting everything to be provided instantly.

So how can you prepare your business to meet the growing demand for super fast delivery?

Here are some suggestions:

1. Have A Transparent Shipping Process

A problem seems to be that customers aren’t well educated on what it takes to produce, package and ship a product to their door. 

Therefore it’s important that they are educated on the way that smaller businesses ship their products in comparison to a corporate giant that is Amazon.

Amazon have huge warehouses where sellers store their products. This means that there is always an Amazon Prime product available to be picked within minutes of ordering.

They also have a huge amount of drivers who are fighting and vying for delivery slots in the morning, noon and night… they have essentially created their own version of the Royal Mail!

On the other hand Small business struggle to predict what they will and won’t sell on any given day. They don’t have the money to pay for huge storage spaces either.

Our advice is to be more transparent with what goes into delivering a product from a business like yours.

Try to use the story arch of the corporate giant vs the trustworthy and reliable ‘real person’ to your advantage in shipping times…

Is there a way to communicate that your business is made up of real people, packing and shipping a product?

Is there a way to show that care and time that goes into shipping is a reality for businesses like yours? 

2. Use Data To Predict Your Sales

One way of speeding up the process of shipping might be to search for trends in the data of your sales.

Lots of E-commerce shops offer insights into what you’ve sold in a given period of time. Therefore using the data and making predictions about what you are estimated to sell could prepare you for quicker deliveries.

This may allow you to prepare and pre-package products that the data suggests you will sell, in order to speed up your shipping time…

Don’t forget to also spend some time researching the last postal pick up areas in your town or city.

We believe that if you tell a customer that their product will be delivered in 3 days, but manage to get it shipped before the final pick up time, then your customer will be delighted to get a message saying that it will be with them earlier than predicted.

After all, it’s not all about speed… it’s about keeping your promise of an on-time delivery that keeps customers coming back.


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