How To Use Valentines Day To Boost Your Business Sales!

Valentine’s day is traditionally about romantic love, a chance to celebrate relationships – but in recent years, we’ve seen society approach Valentines Day in many ways.

Valentines Day has becomes an expression of love in all of it’s different varieties, whether it’s cards distributed around classrooms, family gifts or acts of kindness. The vision of the celebration has evolved to ensure everyone feels loved and appreciated come the 14th of February.

So… what does that mean for your small business?

Well, we believe you have an amazing opportunity to make your customers feel loved, whilst boosting your sales this Valentines Day – and we wanted to share 3 ways of how you can do this.

Create A Promotional Offer For Your Customers

A simple gesture of love could be running a promotional offer for the day.

Perhaps if you have a service or product that people love, you could give your audience 24 hours to like a post on social media and claim their discount code.

This will make your regular, consistent buyers feel loved, whilst also driving sales from your target audience who are still deciding whether they want to buy from you. Sometimes a little bit of love could be the deciding factor in them buying for the first time.

Create A Promotional Offer For Your Customers: A Gesture Of Love From You To Them

Host A Social Media Competition

Run a competition based on the premise that you love your customers and they love your product.

Host it on social media and promise tol pick the winner based on whether they’ve liked your page, liked the post & shared it.

If you encourage sharing, you’ll see more strangers being introduced to your business and therefore an increase in followers, quality ones – who are interested in your product/service.

Run A Competition: Get Them To Share The Love & Your Page

Offer A Free Gift With Any Purchase

This is a great way to show love to your customers! Everyone loves something for free, so this is particularly useful with products / services you are trying to get off of the ground or can’t seem to shift as stand alone orders.

A helpful tip is to put a capped price on the offer – for example: free gift when you spend £50.

Offer A Free Gift: It Goes A Long Way