Sarah is looking for EMPLOYEE HANDBOOKS:

- That are branded with her company name and logo.

She wants them because:

- Her company is growing (yay!) and she want's to bring in more staff.

- She realises that Employee Handbooks give her company a professional feel, as well as making the company look bigger.


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We began chatting to Sarah about what she envisaged the handbook including, and she admitted she hadn't really thought it necessary to have official policies in place. Aside from laying out key areas of her business, she wanted some advice on what a well protected small business would look like. So, we got started on the employee handbooks and referenced any policies she already had in place. 

Reviewing Sarah's Current Business

We then took an in-depth look at Sarah's business and informed her of policies she didn't have - like a confidentiality policy, a social media policy and a data protection one. These would give her essential protection, especially as her business grows and she brings in new staff.

A Happy Customer

We then sent the Employee Handbooks to Sarah in a Word Document, so she could make amendments to suit her company's profile & the staff she was bringing in. 

Sarah decided that having support going forward would be a really helpful, as she still would have no idea what to do if problems arose - or the staff weren't how they seemed on their CV and interviews.

Since completing the Employee handbooks for Sarah, she's recommended a friend who needs some contracts producing. Sarah currently used a 3rd party for her contracts, but decided to point her friend to us - citing 'great customer support & knowledge in the field'.

Thanks Sarah!

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