Introducing… Alexa For Business

After lots of talk and articles about how artificial intelligence can be used to help your business, Amazon have released Alexa For Business.

Alexa For Business is described as the intelligent assistant that you know that will help you and your team focus on the work that matters.

It will allow employees to use the AI assistant to streamline and automate their work production, as well as join meetings and carry out tasks from remote locations.

How Alexa For Business Works?

The main feature of Alexa For Business is that it can bring data from all of your employees accounts into one.

The point of this is to help arrange, create and undertake meetings, as well as give you easy access to information you might need on a day to day basis in the life of your business.

Features That Could Benefit Your Business


One of the best features for Amazon Alexa is the ability to have meetings from everywhere with your employees who are working remotely or travelling.

It brings everything into one, it can go through your calendars and set up a meeting at a time that suits everyone.

Alexa For Business can also deliver a prompt for when your meeting begins, and allow everyone to access from wherever they are.


Another important timesaver for business owners that Alexa For Business can help with is organising your emails.

You can set Alexa up to read out priority emails that you receive, ensuring you are always on top of what matters.

You can also use it to search through your emails and spam folder by inputting a set of commands.


Alexa for Business comes in very cheap, at £2.22 per user per month.

It looks like Alexa For Business is only scratching the surface of how it can help business owners, and we expect in the future that it will begin to integrate with other apps you use.

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