Introducing Facebook Grow: The New ‘Magazine’ For Business Owners

Facebook have taken their first step into printed content. They’ve released their new ‘magazine’ called Facebook Grow.

However, they would forbid you from calling their ‘magazine’ an actual magazine… 

Yes, even though Facebook Grow looks like a magazine (and even calls itself a magazine on the front cover), the team are adamant that Grow isn’t a magazine…

Ok… so, what is it?

Facebook Grow: For Business Leaders

Grow Your Business. Grow Your Network. Grow Your Mind. This is the phrase plastered on the opening page of the ‘magazine’.

Facebook Grow is available both in print and digitally, and it exists to help business leaders stay ahead by creating and curating insightful content and experiences.

In short: It’s a quarterly ‘magazine’, directly intended to help business owners! Sounds good so far…

How Can You Get A Copy?

Most people will read the resource online via Grow’s Facebook page and blog.

It is available in print at select train & airport business lounges. The print version is designed for those on long commutes.

The first issue explores the rise of niche brands, and features Oscar Olsson, the Creative Director of H&M’s new fashion brand – and it’s out now!

Representatives call Facebook Grow a ‘thought leadership platform’ for business leaders, designed to ‘challenge the status quo’. 

Why The Fuss About Grow Not Being A ‘Magazine’?

Hopefully Facebook has peaked your interest… but even if it has, you may still be wondering:

“Why is Facebook so hung up on Grow not being an official ‘magazine’?”

Tthe reason why Facebook Grow isn’t an official magazine is because Facebook doesn’t want to become a publisher.

Their website exists as a platform for others to publish their own thoughts and opinions. If Facebook becomes a publisher, it brings a myriad of restrictions and legislation – hence the name ‘thought leadership platform’.

So… Is Facebook Grow Worth Reading?

Despite the obnoxious explanation of what Facebook grow is, its reason for existence is something we support!

We will definitely be keeping our eyes open for a copy while we are out and about.

It will be interesting however to see whether Facebook Grow ends up as a success story, or whether it is dead and buried in a few issues time.

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