Local Businesses: Competition or Community?

It’s a question that business owners will probably be split down the middle on.

How should you view the other local businesses in your city or town?

Competition or Community?

On the one hand, local businesses are trying to make their own living, in the same city, and often in the same business sector as each other. The competitive nature is clear to see.

However, many of these local businesses have come from the same starting point, they’ve gone through a similar journey: all have shown an incredible work ethic and each of them adds to the uniqueness of the city or town that they are based. Local businesses have a big appeal to the people that live there – purely because they are local.

A Case Study: The Liverpool Food & Drink Festival

A case study might help us answer our question: the Liverpool Food & Drink Festival is an event that happens multiple times throughout the year in Liverpool.

The big selling point is that it brings together local businesses from within Liverpool, and further afield, to host a weekend outdoor event – with tons of food, lots of drink and a wealth of other entertainment.

It’s a great time! People travel long and far for this spectacle! It really is one of a kind!

Yet, by bringing these businesses together, it’s inevitable that some of these businesses are in direct competition with one another: there are multiple coffee stands, multiple food stands… there’s no rule that there can only be one provider from each industry!


So How Do They Manage To Bring These Businesses Together?

The sense of competition is definitely a factor in getting businesses to sign up.

Some businesses will attend the festival with the mindset of: ‘If that business is attending, then we need to be there too!’.

But that isn’t the reason why the event is so highly attended by the public… it isn’t a place to square up against your opponents and see who is best…

It’s attended so heavily because it brings together the different flavours of local businesses that make up the city. (To take it a step further… the United Kingdom!)

People love the community aspect of it!

What’s So Appealing About Community?

There’s something about a community that makes people feel at one.

The Liverpool Food & Drink Festival is an event with real business owners: who are genuinely passionate about their craft, and believe that the service and products they supply will satisfy you.It’s a place of discovery! A showcase of the best that the city has to offer!

This means that there is a great atmosphere to the event.

Everyone involved is there because they believe in good, local, food and drink.

Businesses attend this event because they know that’s what it’s all about. Competitors, coming together for the bigger cause: community… centred around the brilliance of local businesses.

Every single local business has something unique to bring to the table and showing that off on such a big scale can only be good for our towns and cities.

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