Make Your Business Great: 42 Holiday Season Tips!

1: Decorate Your Workspace

There’s something about Christmas decorations that lifts people’s spirits!

2: Plan Staff Holidays

Staff want to book time off, so make sure you’re prepared.

3: Do 12 Days Of Christmas Offers

Offer a different product each day on the build up to Christmas.

4: Get Advent Calendars For Your Staff

Who doesn’t love an excuse for a quick chocolate in the morning?

5) Keep track of your cash flow cycle

Sales can fluctuate over the holiday season, so keep track of your cash flow.

6) Festive-Up Your Social Media

Think about changing your profile picture to something festive.

7) Send Christmas Cards To Clients

Everyone appreciates being thought of over the holiday season.

8) Set Your Goals For The New Year

It’s a great time to set targets for the following year.

9) Extend Your Business Hours

Late night Christmas shopping… We’ve all been there!

10) Run Fun Festive Polls On Social Media

‘Home Alone’ or ‘Jingle All The Way’? – Get your followers to vote!

11) Reflect On The Past Year

Take a look at how you performed in the past year… What can you learn?

12) Advertise Locally Online

Set up a Facebook ad and get in front of the locals – it’s minimal cost and really effective!

13) Christmas Jumper Themed Contest

Seriously… Why doesn’t everyone do this!?

14) Plan To Hit The Ground Running

Make sure you’re ready to go for the start of the new year!

15) Encourage Spending With Offers

Create some awesome offers to encourage further spending!

16) Relax & Unwind

Enjoy some downtime – you’ve worked hard!

17) Communicate Your Schedule Well

Customers will really value knowing which dates your business will be closed on.

18) Update Your Website For The New Year

Freshen up your website for the new year!

19) Have Staff Volunteer For A Charity

You could volunteer staff to help a local charity? – It is the season of goodwill afterall!

20) Get Feedback From Your Customers

It’s the end of the year and people are generally happy. That’s a perfect time for reviews!

21) Promise Delivery / Work Completion Dates

Guaranteeing work/delivery dates is a must over the holiday season!

22) Reward Your Most Loyal Customers

If they’ve been loyal, repay them back with something special to say thanks.

23) Deliver Excellent Customer Service

This is really a must over the holiday season – step it up a level!

24) Join Forces With Another Small Business

We’ve seen some great examples of businesses partnering and offering deals together!

25) Have A Christmas Party

Celebrate the end of year with a Christmas Party! Go easy on the eggnog though…

26) Explain Your Improvements For Next Year

Let customers, and staff, know your plans and get them excited for the future!

27) Run A Contest On Social Media

These will help with online exposure and show your generosity over the holiday season.

28) Play Christmas Music

Is it even Christmas without some Mariah Carey, Slade, Wizzard or The Pogues…

29) Celebrate Your Success

Christmas is a time of joy and celebration – so raise a glass to all you’ve achieved!

30) Use Festive Related Hashtags

Get your posts seen by using festive related hashtags.

31) Bring Gifts To Your Neighbours

Is your neighbour a scrooge, friend or competitor – soften their hearts with a gift this year.

32) Stock Up On Products

Make sure you have enough in stock for an influx of buying over the holiday season.

33) Create A Christmas Themed Email Campaign

Put together an email campaign with special Christmas offers.

34) Invite Santa To Your Work Place

There’s always someone ready to don the red overalls: Imagine your staff’s faces!

35) Budget For The Year Ahead

It’s a great time to stop, check your outgoings, and plan for spending in the coming year.

36) Schedule A Christmas Day Message

Who else take a cheeky look at Facebook on Christmas day? Get your message seen!

37) Be Actively Generous

Christmas time is busy, but try and be proactive in your generosity to staff and customers.

38) Hire Temporary Staff

If customer demand will increase over the holiday season, get some temporary staff in.

39) Launch A New Product Or Service

Try something new… It could even be Christmas themed!

40) Play Secret Santa With Your Staff

Alongside your Christmas Jumper competition!! That’s a match made in the North Pole.

41) Build Your Presence Locally

With more people roaming the streets for Christmas presents: stand out from the crowd.

42) Check If Anything You Need Is On Offer

Is there anything your business needs? Black Friday sales and Christmas offers could help!