It’s Official: MPs Vote To Extend Article 50

vote to extend article 50

After months of uncertainty surrounding the UK leaving the EU, it has been confirmed by the government that No Deal is off the table (for now) and the UK will be continuing negotiations after their recent vote to extend Article 50.

Here’s how it all happened, and what to expect moving forward:

How We Got To Extending Article 50

Earlier this week Theresa May returned to Brussels to re-negotiate her Brexit deal for what looked like the final time.

It looked a certainty that her initial deal would be rejected again when brought before MPs. Little changes had been made to convince them to vote in favour of her deal since January.

However she jumped on a plane to speak to EU representatives, and managed to scramble together some last minute adjustments to her deal in the final hour that were ‘legally binding.’

With her new deal in hand, Theresa May proposed these changes to MPs.

The results were disastrous, with an overwhelming number of MP’s voting against the final proposed Brexit deal. She lost the vote by 190 votes.

‘Do We Even Want A Deal On Brexit?’

This was the question that MPs were asked in a follow up vote: ‘Do we even want a deal?’.

Theresa May has stressed that “the deal we have negotiated is the best and indeed only deal available” urging MPs to be realistic: if they don’t like this deal, do they even want a deal at all?

Voting took place and MPs narrowly voted to take a No Deal Brexit off the table. This vote is not legally binding, and does not ensure that a no deal Brexit will never happen.

Request For Article 50 To Be Extended

This then forced another vote on whether MPs would like to extend Article 50 and give the UK more time to negotiate the Brexit deal.

MPs voted in favour of extending Article 50.

Theresa May will now ask the EU for an extension of Article 50 until the end of June, providing a deal is agreed upon by 20th March in Parliament.

If a deal is not agreed upon by then, the UK will have to give further reasoning as to why they want to extend Article 50. The length of that extension would be determined accordingly.

It seems as though the Brexit ball will keep on rolling, and the outcome will be determined further down the line. Everything remains in the balance.

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